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Oct. 27, 2006 — Pauses for causes

I ordered two tickets to see recording artist Madeleine Peyroux, hoping to take a friend of mine who’s been having a tough time lately in her personal and professional lives. But she backed out three days before the concert leaving me with an extra ticket.

On the steps of the auditorium, there I was standing in the rain with a ticket I didn’t need in a city which bans the resale of event tickets whether the transaction is above, below, or at the face value.

But it didn’t say anything about giving them away. There was a young woman who didn’t look any older than 20 (she was, though) chatting on her cellphone about not being able to get into the performance. Once she got off the telephone, I offered to give her the ticket if she would give what she thought the ticket was worth to her favorite charity.

Her eyes lit up. “Thank you,” she said, as the glint on her corneas matched the glitter sewn into her hat. “But I don’t have one. Have you any suggestions?”

I paused. A purple icon with flashing yellow letters popped into my head: The Maria Whitehead Fund.

Of course, it would pop in, seeing as it’s been on the front of the site since the redesign earlier this month. But then again, wasn’t I slighting my childhood friend, the head field hockey coach of The Pennington (N.J.) School, who is going on a Lupus walk this weekend?

Or my pen-pal Jennifer, who is running a half-marathon for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in December?

Or the Los Gatos varsity field hockey team, who lost all of their equipment in a fire more than two weeks ago?

Or the Sally Nyborg Foundation? Or Kelsey Henderson, a New Jersey player fighting cancer?

So many causes, so little time, so few resources.

These are all great needs. Help with what you can.

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