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Nov. 10, 2006 — A game of NUM83R5

Being a stats guy who knows the historical meaning of marks such as 1.12 and 47,003, I feel that one of the great things about this website is keeping track of numbers.

We started something we called “The Rebel Project” a few years ago to create a virtual national record book.

Since then, some interesting trends have been uncovered. I find it amazing that, of the nine coaches with more than 500 wins, all but one are active. And that one inactive coach, Debby Watson, won’t be inactive for long. She will be coaching the new field hockey team at St. Charles Barat Academy (Mo.).

Team and individual goal-scoring marks have been falling like trees in a clear-cut forest. This year, a couple of New York players have broken into the all-time Top 30 goal-scorers. A player had a 10 goals and an entire team scored 22 in a single match.

I’d like to one day have a client-dependent server on the level of a,, or which allows the manager of a high school team to input box scores and let the computer compile a national up-to-date body of statistics.

Until that day occurs, we have to make educated guesses and go with published figures.

As of noon Friday, here are some (i.e., not guaranteed to be 100 percent complete) national leaders with about a week to go in the 2006 scholastic field hockey season:

Goals scored, individial:
48 Kaitlyn Hiltz, Frank W. Cox (Va.)
45 Katie Kelly, Dedham (Mass.)
43 Jessica Allen, Eastern (N.J.)
39 Melissa Gonzalez, Shrub Oak Lakeland (N.Y.)
35 Meghan Dawson, Eastern (N.J.)
32 Annie Giglio, Emmaus (Pa.)

Goals scored, team:
178 Eastern (N.J.)
154 Emmaus (Pa.)
152 Selinsgrove (Pa.)
121 Shrub Oak Lakeland (N.Y.)

Current unbeaten streak:
56 East Rochester (N.Y.)
54 Belfast (Maine)
46 Stafford (Va.)

We’ll get more statistics towards the end of the year, but that’s my quick-and-dirty list as of right now.

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