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Nov. 23, 2006 — Cranberry trumps Cranbarry

I’ve never been to the National Festival.

That’s a big admission from The Founder, who has known of the existence of the world’s largest field hockey tournament for at least a decade and a half.

Oh, sure, there are issues surrounding work and travel.

But there are two reasons why I’ve never taken the week to fly to a warm (Orlando yesterday notwithstanding) and sunny (ditto) location to see the spectacle.

And those two reasons are in adjoining rooms right now as I am typing this — one preparing the table, one preparing the food.

My parents are extremely important to me, as is all of my extended family. It’s much, much more than tradition that sends me on the road to my parents’ house or my sister’s ranch house for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s reconnection, even as my folks are moseying down the road of life. My father turned 84 years old yesterday. My mother will follow suit in early January.

I always wonder, every year, “Will this be the last one?” when it comes to the life events we celebrate together. That’s why I participate to the fullest whenever possible in family gatherings — whether it is two or three gathered together over Cornish game hens or the extended clan sharing sweet potatoes, my older sister’s cornbread stuffing, and a turkey the size of a small buffalo.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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