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Nov. 29, 2006 — The Wii Project

One of the major consumer electronics items being introduced this quarter is the Nintendo Wii (prounounced “wee”), a video game console which uses a gyroscopic wand instead of a traditional keypad to control characters on screen.

Sports games out on the Wii include tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and golf. Many more can be adapted or written for this kind of controller.

Field hockey and lacrosse would be ideal video games for this sort of console. Imagine playing a field hockey game where you actually have to rotate your controller while it’s pointing to the ground in order to control the ball. Or, you can place the wand on the ground to make a block tackle, and open the face of your Wii while taking a drive in order to execute a chip shot.

Or in lacrosse, having to move your stick around to create that little centrifuge in order to keep the ball trapped in the pocket. Jump shots, quick-sticks, and set plays using settings in the game could also be employed.

Last night, I chatted for a few minutes with a developer for one of the major video game manufacturers, and he pointed out that his company has introduced sports games around the world, even for niche sports such as cricket. And Nintendo has developed hundreds of games, even in the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, based on niche sports.

I’d like to see our national governing bodies make it known that there is a ready gaming market for field hockey and lacrosse games on the Wii and any future gaming system that employs a wand-like controller that can simulate a stick. 

This starts with you. Make this a topic in the blogosphere, on message boards, on MySpace pages, in email threads. Talk it up out there if you want lacrosse or field hockey on your Wii. It’s not going to happen by itself.

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