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Dec. 20, 2006 — An anniversary

It was 41 years ago this afternoon, in a small city in southwestern Mississippi, that a respected Episcopal priest took his wife to the hospital. She was in labor.

There was concern, given the fact that she was the age of 42, that the birth might not go well. She had five children already, all healthy. Having a sixth might be pushing it a little. This was Mississippi, after all, where the rate of live births at the time was amongst the lowest in the 50 states.

By eight o’clock in the evening, the time was come to give birth. The first thing my mother asked was, “Is he all right?”

The husband was interested in the gender of the child; the previous brood was three boys and two girls. And in the mid-60s “battle of the sexes” era, having that third girl would be a tie. “It’s a boy!”was his first triumphant sentence at birth.

My birth.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.