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Dec. 24, 2006 — Two guys who totally “get it.”

At the end of yesterday’s football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, there was a longer-than-normal greeting between the two head coaches.

Bill Cowher and Brian Billick are two men who have developed close relationships between themselves and their respective communities over the past decade, have withstood the white-hot media pressures of the 24-hour sports news cycle, and have each won a Super Bowl.

Interestingly, these men have one other thing in common: athletic and cerebral daughters.

Cowher’s three daughters are basketball stars; two now attend Princeton University. Billick put one daughter through Northwestern, and the other is a key player on her school’s field hockey team.

Both proud parents have been known to be on the sidelines for their daughers’ games, even while being under what is becoming year-round pressure to win in the National Football League.

And if that isn’t something to think about in an era in which Title IX is under attack, I don’t know what is.

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