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Dec. 28, 2006 — Bugs in the software

According to popular lore, the actual insect that gave rise to the term “computer bug” was a moth which gummed up the works in a Harvard-built Aiken Mark II computer (one of those tube-and-wire contraptions that fits in a large room) in Dahlgren, Va.

Last night, I encountered a bug of a different kind that interrupted my ability to send through a public WiFi node. I was in the midst of a Gmail conversation on my Apple laptop when the Airport logo on the screen went from black to gray, and I got the note, “You are no longer connected to the Internet.”

I was a bit annoyed. Jim, a computer genius who comes out to my favorite swing dance place on Wednesdays, went to examine the offending node.

Turns out that there were three cockroaches hiding inside the casing of the modem!

Fortunately, I think they were just using the modem as a warm hiding place instead of a nest or a feeding station, and it shouldn’t be a problem again … unless they laid eggs inside of it. I’d hate to think what would happen if that was the case.

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