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Jan. 1, 2007 — In with the new

Happy New Year, everybody!

January 1 is always a good time for new beginnings, starting with your Founder. The study on which I have been working for the last three years has completed, and it is time to seek new opportunities.

I think 2007 will be a good year for new opportunities and being able to take advantage of them.

I hope, for example, that good things will come to a pair of veteran field hockey coaches, Shelley Behrens and Lauren Fuchs, who have had roles on the national-team and developmental levels, but found themselves at the end of 2006 out of their jobs at their respective universities.

I hope another women’s lacrosse team from a nontraditional area (Oregon, perhaps?) will make a huge dent in the Top 20 this spring.

I hope Jackie Stiles, after being released from her club team in Canberra, Australia because of a rib injury, can latch onto a WNBA team.

I hope that the domed indoor artificial grass facilities in Reading, Pa., Robbinsville, N.J. and Williamsport, Pa. will spawn a host of imitators that will lead to a state tournament final being held in one of them someday.

I hope Chantae Miller, the all-time Federation leader in field hockey assists, gets her health sorted out before the junior national team’s spring trip to China.

I hope that Vivian Springer can win a long-deserved — and long-overdue — Division I women’s basketball championship.

I hope for good things for our women’s national soccer team, as its trip to China later this year is a chance for redemption after its subpar performance at the 2003 Women’s World Cup.

I also hope head coach Greg Ryan will take a good, long look at young players such as Nandi Pryce and Jill Oakes, and will try to get Aleicia Rose back into the national-team fold.

I hope someone at College Sports Television realizes that the national semifinals of the field hockey and lacrosse tournaments can yield better storylines than the finals, and that perhaps those games should be broadcast.

I hope a woman wins a major North American automobile race before Juan Montoya wins a NASCAR event.

I hope the groundswell against the imposition of eyewear in field hockey will grow so strong that the eyewear will be abolished in Massachusetts, Rhose Island, Connecticut, and the Virginia Independent School League. At the same time, of course, I also hope that more schools will invest in artificial grass.

And finally, I hope everyone reading this will have health and happiness in 2007.