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Jan. 7, 2007 — An unexpected endorsement

Spent time at the National Field Hockey Coaches’ Association convention in Baltimore, meeting old friends, making new friends, and looking to perhaps do a Legends interview.

I never spend time in the meetings, so what I’m about to tell you good folks is second-hand information.

Saturday, during the high-school breakout session, the coaches were almost unanimous in their opposition to mandating goggles on field hockey players. One report was that the vote was 118 against, only three in favor.

One coach reportedly stood in the back of the room and made her case against goggles by telling the story of how she provided her players with special practice jerseys which are half-red and half-green, with the red half to be worn on the left side of the body.

In other words, she described the practice jersey first described as a part of the Right To Right Is Right player safety campaign.


This website has been cited before in real-life situations. Once, it helped defending one coach from an overweening school district. Another time, it was used to justify the expenditure for artificial grass. On another occasion, a player used a collection of motivational sayings for the high-school yearbook.

But this was completely unexpected, and also humbling. I just hope that all coaches and administrators adopt the principles of the Right To Right Is Right player safety system and encourage their colleagues to do the same.