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Jan. 9, 2006 — Incidences of injury, part 2

One fact I was reminded of over the weekend at the National Field Hockey Coaches’ Association was that a survey commissioned by the Pennsylvania Field Hockey Coaches’ Association revealed a grand total of 29 head injuries in the year the study covered.

We can take the 29 injuries and spread them out over the 268 high schools in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, which, if we take the national average of 37 athletes per school (spread out over varsity, JV, and freshman teams), means that about 9,916 athletes would have played in Pennsylvania in the year the survey was taken.

Now, those 9,916 players would have been with their team for anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks for practices and games lasting anywhere from a single two-hour game to as many as six hours of two-a-days in the preseason. We’re going to assume the average length of season is 12.5 weeks and that the amount of exposure to field hockey as an average of four hours a day for five days.

This would make a grand total of 2,479,000 playing hours in which the 29 head injuries occurred.

This makes the incidence of injury per playing hour a ridiculously low 0.000011698.

Compare that to a figure I got from a Dutch orthopedic surgeon who quoted a soccer injury figure of 2.13 per playing hour, and there can be only one conclusion as to whether field hockey eyewear is necessary.

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[…] the injury rate for women is twice that very small number. And when you note the injury rate for exposures to field hockey in Pennsylvania that we explored here a few weeks ago, you’d understand that it’s a pretty small […]

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