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Jan. 28, 2007 — A “now it can be told” moment

Five months ago, the day of the “Miracle on Turf” when the U.S. women’s field hockey team beat defending World Cup champion Argentina, I was checking over the recording equipment necessary to do my story on the influence of men’s soccer systems on the women’s field hockey teams in the March to Madrid tournament.

While the fans were filing into the University of Maryland’s Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex, I was sitting in a room just across from the U.S. locker room listening through my inventory of MiniDiscs to make sure I wasn’t going to overwrite a previous interview.

There was one disc, however, that had some tracks on it, and the first few seconds of Track 1 were completely silent. All of a sudden, there was a repeating guitar vamp, then a chorus of voices, then someone in an Australian accent rasping the word “Thun-dah!” in time with heavy drumming.

It was the song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Just at that moment, the U.S. field hockey team came off the pitch and walked by my open door as I was listening to the song.

One by one, they gave me a little smile; I had gotten to know many of them somewhere along the line in their development. With AC/DC in my ears, I gave them a little fist pump as they made their way down the hall.

Now, I’m not supposed to be a cheerleader, but I was trying to send them a little bit of “go out there and git ’em” energy. And I felt a bit like a proud papa after that amazing victory!

So, what’s the purpose of me telling you this now? I was looking through my collection of MiniDiscs yesterday to find enough free space to digitize a couple of jazz concerts that were on a pair of found cassette tapes a friend of mine found when sifting through her grandparents’ personal effects.

The first disc I found had a few seconds of silence, then that familiar guitar vamp started again. It was “Thunderstruck” again.

I guess thunder can strike the same place twice.