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June 8, 2007 — Inside the Journal of Athletic Training, part 5: Men’s lacrosse

Fifth of 14 parts.

Today, we see what the Journal of Athletic Training found in the last 15 years of men’s lacrosse in the NCAA.

Men’s lacrosse

Main results: The rate of injuries in the lower half of the body outnumbers the upper, despite the ball being carried at or above the shoulder most of the time. Also, there has been a spike in concussions concurrent with changes in headgear to one with solid-crown construction.

An examination into design changes for helmets and the further investigation for changes in shoulder and chest protection.

What the study directors missed: The study authors failed to chide equipment manufacturers for introducing a product (the modern hard-shell lacrosse helmet) which is accentuating, not preventing, injury.

What the study directors underreported: Mention of catastrophic commotio carditis events are buried in the second-to-last paragraph. There was no accounting for the frequency of such an injury, which comes from a blow to the chest area.

Equipment recommendations made: None, although padding and helmets were marked as subjects for further study.

Equipment recommendations not made:
Ditching the hard-shell headgear and instead re-adopting what is, according to the data, actually a safer helmet.