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June 9, 2007 — Inside the Journal of Athletic Training, part 6: Men’s soccer

Sixth of 14 parts

Today’s journal entry examines what the JAT says about men’s soccer: another sport where the top-level player is being taken away from the NCAA to join the pros.

Men’s soccer

Main results: The rate of injuries in game play as a result of player-to-player collisions and challenges is about 60 percent, and about a third of those are a result of slide tackles.

Recommendations: Attention is to be paid to ankle and knee sprains on the part of trainers, and making game officials more cognizant on the dangers of tackling from behind. The authors specifically fault FIFA and the NCAA for not writing specific “tackle-from-behind” rules in their laws of the game.

What the study authors missed: The narrative failed to address concussions and the popularity of headgear such as Full 90, even though they are the fifth most frequent injury over the 15 years of the study.

What the study directors underreported: Buried in the back of the study was the fact that a mandatory shinguard rule made a 1/10 of one percent difference in the injury rate.

Equipment recommendations made: Improvements in shinguards were briefly mentioned in the discussion section.

Equipment recommendations not made: headgear, safer goalposts.