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June 10, 2007 — Inside the Journal of Athletic Training, part 7: Wrestling

Seventh of 14 parts

Today’s journal entry examines what the JAT says about one of the other single-sex sports in the NCAA other than field hockey: freestyle wrestling.


Main results: The injuries in wrestling are mostly of a musculoskeltal nature, with some head injuries and loss of time due to skin infections reported.

Recommendations: More mat hygiene, referees being vigilant about potentially dangerous holds, and expansion of the study of weight loss practices.

What the study authors missed: The influence of mixed martial arts and wrestling entertainment promotions on injuries. Slams, guillotines, and other techniques not normally found in freestyle competition are bound to have caused some degree of injury.

What the study authors underreported: Catastrophic injuries. The report admits, “Information is limited on the mechanisms and prevention of direct, traumatic catastrophic wrestling injuries. Only one such injury was reported to the NCAA between 1985-1996, but 35 cases were reported to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research between 1981 and 1999; high-school wrestlers were part of that cohort.

Equipment recommendations made: increase of mat hygiene.

Equipment recommendations not made: eyewear, mouthguards, or some sort of covering for the mouth or nose to prevent fingers from entering.

Now that we’ve examined the seven men’s sports that the JAT wrote about in their special issue on athletic injuries, we’ll take a look, one by one, at the women’s sports other than field hockey that were covered in the issue to see if radical recommendations such as the institution of helmets on field hockey players are made.