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June 13, 2007 — Inside the Journal of Athletic Training, part 10: women’s basketball

Today, we look at a female sport whose rules are about the same as its male partner: basketball.

Women’s basketball

Main results: Injury rates in games are twice those of practices. Knees, ankles, and concussions are the most frequent injuries overall.

Recommendations: Use the injury numbers to track down trends as women’s basketball attracts taller, quicker, and more physical players. Enhance preseason conditioning and proper training.

What the study directors missed: The role of eating disorders in how women’s bodies train; a specific segment on stress fractures was included in the women’s basketball study without mention of the lack of nutrition as a possible cause. Four out of five stress fractures result in a severe time-loss injury (i.e., loss of 10 days or more from practice or games). It’s a higher rate than head injuries in field hockey.

What the study directors underreported: It isn’t until the end of the study when an amazing statistic was dropped into the mix: a 2006 JAT study said that the rate of WNBA concussions are three times that of NBA players. This ratio continues, more or less, in the college game. Problem is, the data gathering mechanisms may have underreported the problem, since the definition of a “concussion” was inconsistent in the early years of the study data.

Equipment recommendations made: None.

Equipment recommendations not made: Eyewear and/or face masks.