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June 14, 2007 — Inside the Journal of Athletic Training, part 11: women’s lacrosse

Eleventh of 14 parts.

Today, we examine women’s lacrosse, a game which has had eyewear imposed on it in the last five years. Naturally, this is bound to have an impact on the sport.

Women’s lacrosse

Main results: Three out of five injuries involved the lower extremity, and almost one in six involved no contact while in possession of the ball. The number of injuries has increased in the study period.

Recommendations: Further study is needed on whether mandatory women’s lacrosse goggles are, indeed, effective. Also of note is whether the addition of goggles leads to unintended consequences such as more aggressive play.

What the study directors missed: There is mention, but no discussion of, the change of lacrosse sticks from mulberry to plastic over the last decade, and there was no scientific breakdown as to the force imparted by a wooden head as opposed to a plastic one.

What the study directors underreported: The greatest number of injuries in women’s lacrosse comes from no contact at all. Yet, massive discussions ensue about the role of eyewear in the game.

Equipment recommendations made: Protective equipment that “would reduce head, facial, and eye injuries and, ultimately, improve safety without altering the nature and aggression of the game.”

Equipment recommendations not made: Boxing headgear.