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June 17, 2007 — Inside the Journal of Athletic Training, part 14: Women’s volleyball

Last of 14 parts.

In our final installment, we look at what should be a relatively safe sport, featuring no contact, and a light, inflatable bladder.

Women’s volleyball

Main results: The rate of injury was very close to the same between practices and game situations. Ankles and knees were the most-reported injuries, but front-line players (middle-blockers) had the most upper-extremity injuries.

Recommendations: Taking better care and preventative measures for ankle and knee injuries

What the study directors missed: Eating disorders and how their onset coincides with injury or underperformance.

What the study directors underreported: Since there was no men’s volleyball study done, there was little basis on which to do a comparison of internal knee derangements.

Equipment recommendations made: None.

Equipment recommendations not made: Better control of neighboring apparatus (net holders, walls, bleachers).