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Feb. 1, 2013 — The new way to design: on the computer

The last few months, you may have seen some interesting changes in how this website displays its logo. We’re not going to completely discard the two logos we customarily use — the green, maroon, Columbia blue, and navy for field hockey and the green, red, orange, and royal blue for lacrosse — any time soon.

But ever since we ran those half-dozen logos on our site in honor of sports artist LeRoy Neiman last year, I’ve gotten to thinking that our logo is something which could be more effective if it wasn’t limited to just one aesthetic.

Our first try at something new was when we had our old homepage — the “circle of squares.” Then, four years ago, I ran this:


It was generated off the computer using the camera on my notebook.

It was a simple step to drain the color:


And then to add words to turn it into a street decal:

Has A Posse

But that was on the computer.

What I’ve been doing recently has been exclusively done on my iPhone. Ever since an application/social network phenomenon called Instagram came out in late 2010, the way that people take and manipulate digital images has radically changed.

I started with a handful of free Instagram imitators, all of which were either free or had low-cost addons that were worth the two or three bucks. Then, I took some of the images generated from one application and ran some different effects on another one, just to see how they would come out.

The logo at the top of this site is a product of this change. I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly which settings allowed me to come out with that shade of red, or how the letters glow in a certain way; I’ve lost track.

But what I can tell you is that we’re going to experiment with the look and feel of the logo and see where the branding of this site take it.

And just from a mobile phone.


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