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May 23, 2014 — Syracuse 16, Virginia 8

POSTGAME We’ll be back in a couple of minutes with Maryland-Northwestern

POSTGAME Meanwhile, Virginia couldn’t stop Kayla Treanor or Alyssa Murray; frankly, if SU had played error-free ball, the Orange could have put up 20

POSTGAME The contest came down to which defense could step it up. Syracuse, despite yielding enormous amounts of space within the fan, got the goaltending it needed from Constantino and Kelsey Richardson

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Syracuse running out 16-8 winners

59:00 Syracuse is content to pass it around in the attack end

58:29 UVA GOAL Liza Blue with her first of the game; too late to make an impact in a 16-8 game

58:15 UVA GOAL Daniela Eppler scores, but any goal now is just consolation; the score is 16-7

56:48 SYR GOAL A check leads to a crazily bouncing ball in the crease that goes in, Devon Collins gets credit for it, though she doesn’t know much about it. Syracuse leads 16-6 and the clock runs


53:18 SYR FP A high-lo across the crease is saved eye-high

51:16 SYR GOAL Kempney with an excuse-me shot that gives Syracuse a 15-6 lead; surely the Cavaliers can’t come back from this


49:36 UVA YELLOW on Virginia’s Sarah Gillespie for a dangerous check on the Murray goal; Virginia will play short and Syracuse gets the ball at the 50

49:36 SYR GOAL Murray scores while being dumped in the crease; the lead is 14-6; she now has six goals tonight

46:30 SYR GOAL Treanor with a hesitation and flip into the goal cage; Syracuse leads 13-6 That’s four goals and two assists for the sophomore

45:11 SYR GOAL Murray dances around the right edge and scores to give Syracuse a 12-6 lead

43:39 TV TIMEOUT Could this mini-run snowball? In 2007, Virginia mounted a miraculous nine-goal comeback against Duke in the national semifinals in Philadelphia

43:39 UVA FP and GOAL Keeshan from the center hash scores! Syracuse leads 11-6, however

42:30 Syracuse tries a flying underhand shot that is saved; that was a bit ill-advised

38:50 UVA GOAL Keeshan gets it checked out of her stick, recovers, and rolls it over the goal line with a snap of the wrists. Is this what the Hoos need to wake them up? Syracuse leads 11-5

37:30 SYR FP Shot goes high and Virginia backs it up

35:55 Boyd gets open again but the pass to her trampolines off her stick to the Syracuse defense; it’s been that kind of day for Virginia

35:03 SYR FP and GOAL Treanor with a simple sidearm from the right hash and the onslaught continues; Syracuse leads 11-4

34:17 UVA GOAL Kelly Boyd finds that soft spot in the SU defense and scores an open shot; the SU lead is still 10-4

33:27 SYR FP and GOAL Treanor scores from the tightest of angles after Murray’s pass from the extreme left hash mark; SU leads 10-3

30:00 The second half in under way

HALFTIME The teams are back for the second half

HALFTIME Meanwhile, Virginia couldn’t stop Kayla Treanor — or, for that matter, anything else that Syracuse tried; indeed, about the only thing stopping Syracuse in the first half was, well, Syracuse. Dropped passes, and a couple of head-scratching decisions cost the Orange a number of possessions. Ball security, anyone?

HALFTIME It’s notable that all three of Virginia’s goals were scored without a single Syracuse defender within five yards of them when they got the ball. However, you’re never going to get enough of those opportunities in a Final Four matchup

HALFTIME At the horn, Syracuse leads Virginia 9-3

29:59 UVA GOAL Maddy Keeshan is wide open in the fan and scores; but Syracuse leads 9-3

29:45 SYR GOAL Syracuse picks off an ill-advised Virginia pass in the final third and Murray finishes off a 3-on-2 break; the lead is 7 for the Orange

29:15 Syracuse looks for all the world like it is holding for the last shot, but turns it over

28:15 Virginia forces a pass into the fan and Syracuse comes up with the turnover

27:49 UVA TIMEOUT The wheels are coming off and Virginia head coach Julie Myers needs to get this under control right now

27:49 SYR GOAL Cross leaves two Virginia defenders sprawling as she gets Murray’s pass; Orange assuming complete control and lead 8-2

26:53 SYR GOAL Katie Webster from about 8 meters (not the shot you want to give up as a goalie) and Syracuse leads 7-2

24:48 UVA GOAL Swan finds Kelly Boyd at the right post, Syracuse still leads 6-2

23:32 SYR GOAL Murray dances on the crease and puts it in while being fouled; the Orange now lead 6-1

22:29 SYR GOAL Amy Cross scores from Murray! The Orange now lead 5-1 and seem to be able to execute in the set attack whenever they please

21:53 SYR FP Shot is high, wide, and handsome


20:30 Constantino with a turnover and it looks like Virginia must score, but another good save from Constantino!

19:43 UVA FP Passes out to the top of the arc

17:05 Alyssa Constantino bails out her defense, however with an enormous save!

16:39 Syracuse tries to run the ball up the sidelines in the player interchange area in front of the scorer’s table and the ball is neatly checked out of her stick for a turnover; a bit careless

13:49 SYR GOAL Murray wheels around into the heart of the arc and makes no mistake; Orange lead 4-1

11:26 UVA FP Shot goes wide and Syracuse on the backup!


10:32 UVA GOAL Kelly Boyd is all by her lonesome in the fan and scores! Syracuse leads 3-1

8:56 SYR GOAL Treanor finds Murray with a nice pass and SU leads 3-0

8:00 SYR GOAL Kailah Kempney receives a slicing pass from Treanor and Syracuse leads 2-0

7:01 Shorthanded Orange are in the attack zone holding the ball; Virginia is not doubling the ball and the teams are now even

5:01 SYR YELLOW Casey Mock is booked; so early in such a big game. She’ll have to be careful from now on

3:15 SYR FP Treanor’s shot from the center-left hash is saved!

3:00 And just like that, Virginia turns it over by the ball-carrier moving too early — a call you rarely see

2:50 Treanor and Murray playing a bit of a two-man game, but Treanor loses the ball

0:55 SYR GOAL Kayla Treanor spins into the fan and starts the SU account; Orange lead 1-0

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Syracuse is wearing the white strip with orange shoes; Virginia is in the all-navy with orange numbers and white trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up under clear skies with temperatures around 76 degrees; the sun will be burning into the eyes of whichever goalie is defending the east end of the stadium, which could be a factor

PREGAME The Orange are looking to make a bit of its own history this weekend; the Syracuse program has never won an NCAA title in its 20-year history, while Virginia has won three titles, the last in 2004

PREGAME The key to Virginia is which team shows up tonight — the one which started the season 4-6, or the one that beat defending national champion North Carolina last week

PREGAME Syracuse’s fortunes will be determined by its defense. The Orange have given up double digits in goals on nine occasions and have still managed to make it this far

PREGAME The Virginia Cavaliers are led by their attacking trio of Courtney Swan, Casey Bocklet, and Liza Blue

PREGAME Syracuse is led by sophomore Kayla Treanor and senior Alyssa Murray on attack and Kasey Mock on defense

PREGAME Syracuse is 22-1 this season, Virginia is 12-8

PREGAME Hello and welcome to this NCAA Division I semifinal between Syracuse and Virginia


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