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May 25, 2014 — Maryland 15, Syracuse 12

POSTGAME That’s all for now; thanks for tuning in to the site this evening

POSTGAME Give credit to Syracuse for hanging in against the early onslaught; they played extremely well once they actually saw the ball and won the last 55 minutes of the game by a score of 12-10

POSTGAME In the final analysis, Maryland won the game in the first five minutes by winning draws and opening up the Syracuse defense with a spread offense and good passing, using its superiority at all ends of the field to maintain the lead

FULL TIME And as the Maryland players celebrate, the first thing that coaches Cathy Reese of Maryland and Gary Gait of Syracuse do is come together for a hug in the substitution box; great sportsmanship shown by a mentor and a mentee

FULL TIME And at the final horn, Maryland wins the game, and its 11th NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse championship by a score of 15-12!

59:56 SYR YELLOW Devon Collins is off for the Orange

59:20 But Maryland makes an interception on the outlet pass; another turnover for the Orange at an inopportune time

59:15 Syracuse gets the ball on a Stukenberg turnover when she runs out of bounds

58:00 Maryland is content to get the ball into the attack end and run the stall; McPartland is given the ball to work her magic

56:00 Syracuse wins the next draw, but the Orange throw the ball away just as they were putting together a run of goals; what a time to lose possession

55:39 SYR GOAL Alyssa Murray with a nifty angled move from the left wing; the goal cuts the lead for Maryland to 15-12

54:55 TIMEOUT MARYLAND This has certainly been a game of runs and Cathy Reese needs this run to end soon given the explosiveness of the Syracuse attack

54:55 SYR GOAL Amy Cross with a nice finish of a Treanor pass; the game is now 15-11 with the Terps on top

54:19 SYR GOAL Katie Webster with her third of the match and the Orange come to within 15-10

52:50 SYR GOAL A twisting fallaway by Katie Webster makes it a 15-9 game


50:02 SYR YELLOW This card is on the Syracuse bench; Devon Collins comes out of her point position to serve the two-minute penalty

49:25 Stukenberg has an open shot off a 3-on-2 and it is saved by Richardson


48:58 UMD FP and GOAL Beth Glaros with her fifth goal of the game from the left-center hash; Maryland leads 15-8 and have assumed complete control of the game here

48:00 Maryland is content to run clock here; they don’t need any more goals, just to run the clock

46:24 SYR YELLOW Maddy Huegel is booked for a check to the head

46:04 UMD GOAL Glaros slaloms through two defenders and puts it into the cage; Maryland is up 14-8

45:07 SYR YELLOW Kasey Mock is off for two minutes for a dangerous check

42:07 SYR GOAL Kailah Kempney gets the rebound after a Murray-Treanor two-man play leads to a shot that Clipp had saved; Maryland still maintains a 13-8 lead

40:22 UMD FP and GOAL Lamon with her third of the match for Maryland; she had just 10 this season before this outburst; Maryland stretches the lead to four


38:34 UMD GOAL Griffin spins around and crosses over two Syracuse defenders and leaves the Syracuse goalie on her knees in the crease; Maryland leads 12-7

37:12 SYR YELLOW Liz Harbeson receives her second yellow of the game and she is out for the game, though she can be replaced after two minutes

34:04 UMD GOAL Zoe Stukenberg dances on the right wing and flips it across the fan to Griffin, who catches and shoots in one motion; a thing of beauty gives Maryland an 11-7 lead

32:30 UMD GOAL Griffin is the goal-scorer to give the Terps a 10-7 advantage, but the work is done by Cummings, who won the draw to herself with a leaping catch and run reminiscent of Maryland all-time great Quinn Carney

32:13 SYR GOAL Murray with a curling run to bring the score to within 9-7

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME The teams are coming out for the second half; Kelsey Richardson will be in the nets for the Orange in the second half

HALFTIME I’m a bit surprised that Maryland is allowing Syracuse stars Alyssa Murray and Kayla Treanor pretty much free rein to run a two-man game with the other five team members remaining pretty much out of the offense

HALFTIME After Maryland’s five-goal onslaught to start the game, Syracuse has managed to remain in the game with its own run of goals

HALFTIME At the horn, Maryland leads 9-6

29:15 UMD GOAL Beth Glaros with a nifty move at the right edge of the fan and the Maryland lead is three

28:12 SYR GOAL Katie Webster with a curl and dodge down the middle; Maryland leads 8-6

27:00 SYR FP and GOAL Daley from the left hash and the Maryland lead is 8-5

24:36 UMD GOAL Cummings cuts into the fan and forehands in a shot that goes in; Maryland is up 8-4

22:00 UMD FP and GOAL Beth Glaros with the shot from the center hash; Maryland leads 7-4

21:59 SYR YELLOW Liz Harbison is off for two minutes

22:49 UMD FP Shot saved by Costentino

20:26 SYR GOAL Cummings with the draw and the fast-break goal; Maryland up 6-4


20:18 SYR GOAL Murray dodges off Alice Mercer up top and scores; the Maryland lead is cut to one!

17:54 SYR GOAL Treanor eyes up Douty and scores about five seconds after stepping in the crease; Maryland leads 5-3 and, yet again, the umpires miss a clear call in a championship final

14:50 UMD FP Cummings is stopped by Cosentino

13:45 Syracuse’s Bridget Daley shakes loose in the fan but Abbey Clipp makes the save!


7:00 SYR GOAL Amy Cross takes a dumpdown pass from Murray and dunks it over the goalie; Maryland leads by three

5:40 SYR GOAL Kayla Treanor from behind the cage and scores a nifty goal; Maryland still leads 5-1

5:00 Now that Syracuse is actually in its set offense, we see that Taylor Cummings is picking up Alyssa Murray and Megan Douty is on Treanor; I’m surprised that they aren’t throwing a double when the two of them are clearly in their two-man game

4:25 Syracuse wins the draw; the first time the Orange have had the ball this far

4:20 UMD GOAL McPartland scores on her own; Maryland 5, Syracuse 0

3:36 UMD GOAL Kelly McPartland finds Lamon on the curl, and scores a nifty goal; Terps lead 4-0 and, importantly, has not allowed the Orange a scintilla of ball possession thus far

2:02 TIMEOUT SYRACUSE Gary Gait needs to nip this in the bud right now before the game gets away; their matchup zone has been exposed with Maryland’s patient spread offense and some expert passing

2:02 UMD GOAL Cummings slaloms, changes hands, and gives Maryland a 3-0 lead

1:27 UMD GOAL On the reset, Beth Glaros runs down the seam and scores! Maryland leads 2-0

1:02 UMD FP Zoe Stukenberg’s shot is wide!

0:43 UMD GOAL After Taylor Cummings wins the first draw, Erin Collins finds Kristen Lamon with a superb pass to the post and the Terps take a 1-0 lead; a dream start for Maryland!

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Syracuse is in the navy uniforms with the orange numbers and white trim; Maryland is in the white with red numbers and trim reminiscent of the Lord Baltimore and Lord Calvert crests found on the Maryland state flag

PREGAME The teams are warming up in the twilight; temperature around 70 degrees with some stratus clouds in the sky

PREGAME The key, I think, is which team makes the fewest unforced errors; in other words, the team that values the ball

PREGAME I think a key to this game will be pace. Will either Gary Gait or Cathy Reese choose to take the air out of the ball to prevent the other team from running?

PREGAME Can Maryland cut the cord between Treanor and Murray? Will someone else step up if the Syracuse taliswomen are face guarded? Will the Syracuse coaching staff have seen last Friday how ineffective shutting off Taylor Cummings was? And will Syracuse’s platooning goalies (Alyssa Cosentino and Kelsey Richardson) be effective?

PREGAME A lot of pressure is going to be applied to both defenses; Casey Mock and her defensive mates need the game of their lives against the Maryland attack. Jen Mendez, Megan Douty, and the Maryland defense are going to be tasked with trying to cover Alyssa Murray and Kayla Treanor

PREGAME Syracuse is 21-2 this season and Maryland is 22-1; it is notable that Syracuse’s two losses this year were to Maryland. Also of note is that Maryland has won 11 national titles — 10 in the NCAA, one in the AIAW (as symbolized by the 11 stars under the numbers on the backs of their jerseys last Friday). Syracuse, on the other hand, has never won an NCAA women’s lacrosse title and has never won a NCAA title in any women’s sport

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Unitas Stadium at Towson University for the 33rd championship final of the NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse tournament


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