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Feb. 13, 2015 — A defensive mind goes on attack against a different enemy

Last night, it was announced that Duke women’s lacrosse head coach Kerstin Kimel, the only coach that the university has ever had, is fighting breast cancer.

Kimel is, and has always been, a shining example of a coach who gets the maximum out of her players, a defensive genius even during an era when rules were written to frustrate defensive schemes and close marking techniques.

Kimel and her coaching staffs have steered the Blue Devils to 16 NCAA Tournament appearances, including six appearances in the Final Four.

Major titles have been out of Duke’s reach, however. The Blue Devils have never won an ACC championship, and it is 0-6 in national semifinal games including an absolutely heartbreaking 14-13 loss to Virginia in 2007.

But this could change in 2015. The ACC league table is wide open now that Maryland has moved to the Big Ten. And now the players and university have a greater motivation and a higher calling this season, rallying behind their coach in a fight for her life.


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