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Feb. 28, 2015 — Where we are; where we could be

They honored Tina Sloan Green last night at halftime of an NBA game in Philadelphia for her years of service in field hockey and lacrosse, as well as the co-founder of the Black Women in Sport Foundation.

She played and coached field hockey and lacrosse in an era before the NCAA, and during a post-civil rights boom in which players of all shades had the opportunity to play the sport.

If Tina Sloan Green saw the national landscape of both sports today, however, she might not be completely happy with the lack of progress of racial minorities. Go to national tournaments for youth field hockey and youth lacrosse, and you might never see a brown face.

That’s why I am heartened by the recruitment pattern and tactics of Kelly Amonte-Hiller at Northwestern University. Racial and ethnic minorities have dotted the lacrosse roster, such as Taylor Thornton and Jess Carroll. And the team’s current freshman sensation is Selena Lasota, a member of the Katzie tribe whose native lands are in British Columbia.

My hope, on this last day of Black History Month, is that enough young people of color are able to see some of these fantastic players on the pitch, follow their progress, and aspire to one day take their place on the field of play.



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