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March 15, 2015 — Et tu, UMBC?

The 2015 collegiate women’s lacrosse season should, by all rights, be marked by rivalries, competition, and showcase games such as those that occurred yesterday afternoon between Florida and Maryland.

Yet, it hasn’t.

Yesterday’s revelations about a hidden email conversation on the part of at least five players on the University of Maryland at Baltimore County women’s lacrosse team, threatening bodily harm and death to teammates and their co-coaches, are bad enough.

But some of the on-line responses have been, frankly, of a vicious nature that has not been seen since the organized campaign to defend the accused players in the alleged Duke lacrosse rape of 2006.

As of today, nearly 100 responses to the original Baltimore Post-Examiner article have been recorded. Some of them attack the author of the story personally. Others point to one of the freshmen on the team as the source of the photos on the story, making a supposition based on the color of the phone and anti-shatter case used.

It’s this aspect of the whole situation which troubles me the most. Even as five members of the team have been held out of two games, it appears as though they, or friends of theirs, are looking for a scapegoat.

Given the fact that the email conversations disclosed to the Post-Examiner included their own names and photos, the fault lies within the suspended players.


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