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March 18, 2015 — A rash step?

This morning, it was reported that Tony Giro, the co-head of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, was being put on administrative leave by the university.

Later in the day, athletic director Tim Hall indicated that Giro’s move was the first step in removing him altogether from the program. By this afternoon, his picture and bio was removed from the school’s website, with Amy (Slade) Appelt being installed as the head coach of the program.

Hall’s move comes in contrast with statements earlier in the week, saying that the university’s investigation would not be a rush to judgment.

“We want to be thorough, and we won’t risk thoroughness for expediency,” Hall told Lacrosse Magazine over the weekend.

Giro, according to multiple reports, was on a short administrative leash after throwing a chair in the UMBC locker room during a post-match tirade last year, hitting a player. Since the incident, an assistant athletic director was required to be present during practices and games.

It would appear as though Hall’s move today spares the athletic department that bit of trouble.

I doubt, however, that the removal of Giro is the ultimate solution. It may have been expedient, but was it right?

The next move, as is always in these situations, lie with the administration of the university and the department of athletics. Somehow, I can’t see the players getting a lesser punishment from the co-head coach.


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