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March 19, 2015 — Not setting the best example

When the NCAA released the pairings for the 2015 Division I men’s basketball tournament, ESPN went into an almost Election Day mode, allowing panels of pundits and large graphics to compete with each other for screen time as the network spiraled into about a 12-hour talkfest about the tournament.

The next day, when the pairings for the women’s basketball tournament were released? A few minutes of analysis, then onto the next show for Monday night.

It’s not as though you’d notice, but ESPN actually does not show the Division I men’s basketball tournament. Indeed, it is a consortium of four networks — CBS, TNT, TBS, and Tru TV that shows the men’s tournament.

For the women, ESPN could very well show every game live on its family of networks — ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPN News, the Longhorn Network, and the SEC Network. The problem is, they don’t, forcing viewers to scramble over to ESPN 3, the streaming service.

Frankly, in this era of increased scrutiny of gender roles, the lack of gender equity, and the perceived value of men and women in the workplace, I’m surprised that nobody is speaking out about the lack of equal airtime for the men and the women in their Division I basketball tournaments.

And it’s a shame.


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