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May 18, 2015 — Of two minds

Today was supposed to be the start of a new chapter of my life in a familiar place.

But when I opened my email queue, there was an entry from last week (presumably because the tech folks had opened the account days before I was to arrive), with the subject line, “Death of a Colleague.”

Krista was a person who worked on the financial side of our organization. Like me, she was a survivor, moving from job to job within the firm when money got tight. Of course, she would know ahead of time, having access to the books.

She was always quick with a smile, quick with a joke, and with a raspy lilt to her voice that reminded me a lot of the comedienne Wanda Sykes. And now, Krista is gone.

It was hard to concentrate today because of all of this. I’ve had colleagues from the workplace die before; after all, I’m part of an organization which usually numbers a shade over a thousand workers.

Krista was about my age. And it’s making me think more and more about my own mortality.


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  Adam wrote @

Condolences and prayers for the loss of your friend.

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