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June 2, 2015 — For the right reasons?

Yesterday, Vanity Fair released its cover art for a 22-page story profiling the transition of former Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner from a male to a female.

It wasn’t the only publicity that Jenner is receiving over the transition; five weeks ago, she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer. And on the heels of the Buzz Bissinger profile, illustrated by Annie Leibowitz, there is to be a reality series on the E! network.

It’s this overt publicity that makes me question the reasons for Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. She is the head of a family which has launched at least five reality shows since 2007. The content of most of these shows has ranged from the vapid to the outrageous.

To me, however, the issues surrounding transgendered people are much more important in our culture than a reality show. Transgender people in the real world have suffered real hurt over the course of time. Very few nations offer even basic civil rights to people who identify with a gender other than what is in the social norm.

And even in the United States, there are plenty of incidents of public shaming of people stretching the bounds of gender. Many of these incidents occur around this time of the year, with schools banning male students for wearing Scottish kilts from graduation, or banning female students wearing tuxedos from the prom.

Jenner has a great opportunity to become a high-profile spokesperson on transgender issues.

I’m hoping the high profile, however, won’t be wasted on the lowbrow.


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