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June 8, 2015 — An admission on Tobacco Road

Last Thursday, the University of North Carolina released details of a Notice of Allegations which was given to the school in late May.

There are five charges leveled against UNC, including a lack of institutional control. The charges surround a shadow curriculum, mostly located in the African and Afro-American Studies Department, that athletes were steered to.

Reports have suggested that, at least since 2002, players in revenue sports such as the football and men’s basketball programs had taken these classes in order to remain academically eligible.

But in the documents released today, football and men’s basketball were not mentioned once. Instead, the women’s basketball program is mentioned 26 times, and the softball, women’s tennis, baseball, women’s track, field hockey, and women’s soccer programs were mentioned between one and three times each.

I find that incredibly suspicious, given the results of the Kenneth Wainstein report, which was released with much fanfare last October in response to the accusations of no-work courses and the academic arm of the university steering student-athletes to these courses.

What many journalists have pointed out was that the NCAA notice only went back as far as 2002, but the Wainstein Report goes back as far as 1993. And the nearly complete elimination of any mention of violations by the two major revenue sports is, frankly, a slap in the face of those who believe that universities are schools and not athletic franchises.

But given the fact that consortia of NCAA-member institutions can basically write their own rules, it’s no surprise that this sham is being allowed.


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