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June 14, 2015 — No time for sentimentality

The 2015 practice roster for the United States senior women’s national lacrosse team includes players from the two schools you might expect: nine from the University of North Carolina, eight from Maryland. After all, it’s these two universities which have won the last three NCAA titles. Syracuse, a perennial Final Four participant, has six players.

The roster, and its cuts, tell us a lot about the U.S. coaching staff’s thinking.


Retained: Alex Aust, Danielle Etrasco, Brooke Griffin, Alyssa Leonard, Becky Lynch, Kara Mupo, Alyssa Murray, Mollie Stevens, Kayla Treanor, Michelle Tumolo

Notable cuts: Courtney Swan, Cortney Fortunato, Megan Whittle, Kailah Kempney

The skinny: The U.S. coaching staff has done its homework, especially studying how well Murray, Treanor, and Tumolo have worked together at Syracuse. The selectors have also picked Stevens over Swan when it comes to the University of Florida’s representation on the roster. Whittle will have her chance soon enough


Retained: Maggie Bill, Sarah Bullard, Ally Carey, Madison Crutchfield, Taylor Cummings, Lucy Dikeou, Shannon Gilroy,
Marie McCool, Kelly McPartland, Kelly Rabil, Katie Schwarzmann, Katie Webster, Laura Zimmerman

Notable cuts: Emily Garrity, Tatum Coffey, Caroline Margolis

The skinny: It is in this midfield where World Cups will be won and lost, and this midfield player pool is so good, it’s scary. Add Leonard into this mix for draw controls, and I can’t see any team in the world with a ghost of a chance to have more than 45 percent of draws in any international match


Retained: Becca Block, Kristen Carr, Megan Douty, Alice Mercer, Casey Pepperman, Jen Russell, Sloane Serpe, Kelsey Sheridan, Morgan Stephens, Courtney Waite

Notable cuts: Kasey Mock, Brittany Poist

The skinny: It is here where the Maryland-UNC duopoly is most evident, as seven out of 10 close defenders represent the teams in the 2015 national championship game


Retained: Devon Wills, Liz Hogan, Caylee Waters

Notable cuts: Kelsey Duryea, Ashton Wheatley

The skinny: It’s the hardest position not only to fill in international women’s lacrosse, and the hardest to make when it comes to the U.S. player pool. The three veterans from past national-team duty have all made the team, and it’s hard to see anyone pushing these three the next two years heading into the 2017 FIL World Cup


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