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Sept. 1, 2015 — Anniversary memos, memoirs, and memories

It was in a basement near the nation’s capital when the first words of this website were first authored 17 years ago this month.

So much has happened as this website has grown, changed, and evolved over time. The basic thrust of it has not changed; bringing you stories about field hockey and lacrosse that seek to find trends instead of creating vapid drivel or clickbait.

This site has gone through a lot, in seeing the changes in rules in both sports that have altered the way that the game is played and coached. It takes very special people to be able to respond to these changes, to make themselves and their teams competitive.

We’ve gotten to see the likes of Austyn Cuneo, Lexi Smith, Meredith Sholder and Haley Schleicher in field hockey, and Shannon Smith, Corinne Wessels, Carly Reed, and Sophia Turchetta in lacrosse just shooting the lights out when it comes to national records. They play a game which, I’m sure, neither Constance Applebee nor Rosabella Sinclair could have possibly imagined a century ago.

In both sports, we’ve also seen a bit more tension between high-school and pay-to-play club ball, much like what goes on in other athletic endeavors like swimming and soccer.

But throughout our travels, we’ve noted that perhaps the single most important people on the field are the coaches. I’ve been fortunate to get to know people like Cindy Timchal, Cathy Reese, Chris Robinson, Brooke Kuhl-McClelland and Jen Adams in lacrosse, and Danyle Heilig, Beth Anders, Nancy Williams, Missy Meharg, Susan Butz-Stavin, Steve Jennings, Elvetta Gemski and Karen Klassner in field hockey. And, of course, there are rare people such as Eileen Donahue, Sharon Pfluger, and Diane Chapman who coach both sports. These are men and women who completely understand what their roles are in terms of winding their players up and preparing them before gamedays because they know that the work occurs between games, not during them.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next year as a team has to get used to life without a national field hockey record holder, while the lacrosse record-holder exits the stage next spring.

Should be fun.


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