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Sept. 10, 2015 — Homeless in Berkeley

It was announced yesterday that further delays in the construction of a hockey-specific facility for the University of California, Berkeley varsity field hockey team would not allow for the team to take the pitch for a home game in 2015. It’s the latest in a string of seemingly needless delays for the team.

Needless, because the university administration simply gave over the team’s former home ground to the football team without a plan to offer the women a facility for practicing and playing.

There’s litigation in the courts and with the state of California. Combined with attempts by the Berkeley athletic administration to get rid of several sports a few years ago, there is plenty of bad publicity all around.

I’m surprised that, in this day and age, it has been allowed to get to this point. After all, that tackle football team that all the resources are being spent on? Over the last three seasons, the program has won seven games and lost 18.

When it comes to return on investment, perhaps there’s something better on which tuition and tax money can be spent?


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  Adam wrote @

It’s unlikely that tax dollars and tuition money are being spent on the football program. According to UC, their athletic program revenues last year were around $29 million and the football team is making a profit. Most D1 athletic programs are self-supporting and also donate a portion of their profits back to the university.
I don’t think the field issue at UC is a matter of money as much as it is a matter of the AD not appearing to care about field hockey. It’s a sad situation and I’m surprised it’s gotten this far.
It’s pretty amazing, considering UC and it’s surrounding area have a reputation for being very liberal and politically correct. I’m surprised the athletic department hasn’t gotten harsher criticism.

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