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Sept. 12, 2015 — Words from the wise

In the Westchester Journal-News, Shrub Oak Lakeland (N.Y.) field hockey and lacrosse coach Sharon Sarsen has penned an insightful guest opinion piece. In it, she laments the specialization of high-school athletes as well as the dissolution of junior varsity participation.

It’s a good read. Have a look.


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  Adam wrote @

Things must very different in Lakeland. In our area, the rise of field hockey clubs has increased the interest in the game, the skill level and the number of players participating. The number of JV teams hasn’t suffered and we’re seeing schools that haven’t offered field hockey, fielding teams. forgoing school teams for club teams hasn’t been a problem.
The clubs form as many teams needed to accommodate the number of players interested. This enables girls of all skill levels to get a lot of playing time instead of standing on the sideline of their school team.
Most of the players I know still play basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, etc. in addition to field hockey and their parents encourage school team participation.
Contrary to Coach Sarsen’s article, It’s been my experience that most parents aren’t viewing club hockey as the ticket to a scholarship.
My daughter’s club friends aren’t depressed and seem less connected to social media than other kids. They have very good interpersonal skills and, through club teams, have gained friends from other schools and diverse backgrounds.
The sky isn’t falling.

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