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Oct. 19, 2015 — On the small screen

This month, the Disney Channel has been premiering a made-for-TV movie called Invisible Sister. It’s a bit of science fiction, much like Freaky Friday. And just like the original and remake, it features a critical game that one of the main characters is playing in, though not as herself.

What’s interesting is that the game that is the center of the film’s tension is a girls’ lacrosse game. The sister that was turned invisible is a good lacrosse player, and she has to coach her younger (and introverted) sister to success in the contest — presumably by being on the field of play right next to her, shouting instructions while being invisible to all around her.

Lacrosse has grown explosively the last 20 or so years, to the point where it has gotten on the silver screen with the movie Crooked Arrows three years ago, grossing nearly $2 million in its theatrical release.

I don’t know what the ratings for Invisible Sister will mean for the movement of lacrosse plot points into popular culture, but to have a platform on a channel with reach into 96 million households is a positive step.

Also a good step: the movie was filmed in Louisiana. It is a state with 19 boys’ lacrosse teams, but none for girls.

Maybe that will change.


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