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Oct. 25, 2015 — Out of the day, into the night

It all started with a Facebook post sometime in April, where one of my college classmates waxed with melancholy about approaching the age of 50. At about the same time, another posted about his completing the Boston Marathon.

With a few well-timed emails and a lot of gumption, about a dozen of the more fit members of my graduating class from college, all in that late middle-age stage where one tends to doubt one’s physical prowess and potential, have banded together this weekend to run an ultramarathon relay race just north of the San Francisco Bay.

The rules are simple: the 200-mile cross-country course is split up into 36 segments. The 12 runners take turns, but they must do their complete segments in the order of their lineup. That is to say, a team cannot shorten a segment for a weaker runner and lengthen one for the purpose of exploiting a dominant racer. The runner who runs the first segment will run the 13th, then eventually, the 25th. The 12th runner runs the 24th, and then finishes the 36th and final segment.

About 28 hours after the race started, the group finished yesterday afternoon. And without much drama or major injury — which, to me, is quite remarkable. The group finished an estimated 55th overall, by far quicker than any of the Masters team entered in the race.

Well done, Team Verifast. Well done.


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