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UPDATE: Bracketology 2015, Nov. 5, 2015, 7 a.m.

Hi, all.

Given yesterday’s explanation of how the NCAA bracket will be put together, I think the field hockey community deserves a periodic update of the Ratings Percentage Index (from our friends at over the next four days. We’ll try to put together several of these between now and mid-afternoon Sunday just to give you an idea of where this is all going to go.

We’re not concerned with the Top 10 so much, given the fact that the ACC now holds the top five positions in the RPI. Given the number of one-bid conferences with top seeds lower than 18 (the number of total tournament participants), we think the critical area for the at-large bids (i.e., “the bubble”) lies somewhere between No. 10 and No. 15.

Four things to keep in mind:

  1. Princeton can win a bid outright if it beats Penn on Saturday
  2. Of these six teams, one (Boston University) is the top seed in its conference tournament
  3. Liberty, as an independent, cannot improve through its performance in a tournament; the Flames’ last chance to affect its RPI is a home game Saturday against Appalachian State
  4. The calculations can change by the moment; for example, what you see below is from Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday’s blog entry came from a run of the data on Monday. Between then and a data run Tuesday afternoon, Michigan picked up 2/1000th of a point on Liberty
Team RPI
10 Stanford 0.609
11 Princeton 0.606
12 Louisville 0.605
13 Michigan 0.601
14 Liberty 0.599
15 Boston University 0.580

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