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Nov. 7, 2015 — Emmaus (Pa.) 2, Stroudsburg (Pa.) 1 (OT)

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good night, good hockey

POSTGAME For the second time in two weeks, Stroudsburg has used its speed and guile to stay with an elite Emmaus team. Head coach Jennifer Lobasso has gotten this team to believe and execute her vision, and they will be an extremely difficult team to beat in the PIAA Tournament

POSTGAME Great vision by the future UNC Tar Heel to spot Zellner, the inserter, on the game-winner

63:19 EHS PC and GOAL Sholder with the hi-lo to Leah Zellner and Emmaus wins 2-1!

60:00 And we’re on with extra time

FULL TIME We’ll have up to 30 minutes of 7-on-7, next goal wins

FULL TIME And friends, we’re going to overtime

58:50 SHS PC Cleared by Dorn

58:50 Timeout, Stroudsburg

58:50 SHS PC

57:30 EHS PC Dorn’s shot saved by Dempsey!

55:22 SHS PC Bridget Cunningham’s shot is deflected high over the goalie! Game tied 1-1! Sometimes you need a bit of luck in this game

51:00 SHS PC Cunningham denied by Garloff again!

47:50 SHS PC Bukowski’s flip saved by Garloff

46:45 SHS PC Cleared by Maddie Dorn

46:15 SHS PC Defensed, but by Sholder’s foot

45:30 SHS GREEN Bukowski is off for 5-yard encroachment

41:45 EHS PC Sholder’s blast picked out of the air by Dempsey

39:30 EHS PC Sholder’s shot is wide

38:30 SHS PC A collision between two Stroudsburg teammates leads to a mistrap; a snowbird for Emmaus that leads to a missed pass out of bounds. That was a three-pass transfer that advanced the ball about 60 yards in five seconds 

33:40 EHS PC Sholder’s shot hits the tire on the outside of the cage

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME The game has been played very much at Emmaus’ tempo but Stroudsburg is getting corners and gaining opportunities. Paige Garloff has been the difference thus far in the goal cage

HALFTIME The siren goes with Emmaus holding a 1-0 lead

26:10 SHS PC Garloff makes three saves, and clears with her blocker hand. Until recently, that was a strokeable offense, but not now

25:45 SHS PC Defensed by Sholder

24:30 SHS PC Kick save by Garloff!

23:39 EHS PC Option right is tackled

22:30 EHS PC Diagonal pass off an option right is missed

19:10 SHS PC A collision at the top of the circle; we’ll rerack

19:10 Timeout, Stroudsburg

19:10 SHS PC

13:59 EHS PC and GOAL Sholder flips an option-left and the Hornets lead 1-0. That has to be discouraging after the effort the Mountaineers just made in handling that attack surge

13:00 Emmaus moves the ball at speed and snaps off a shot that is well-saved by Morgan Dempsey

9:30 SHS PC Bridget Cunningham’s shot is defensed

7:30 Bukowski draws the Emmaus defense in a run through the final third and slips it to Lizzy Cunningham, whose shot is saved; Samantha Tepper pounds the rebound just wide!

4:30 SHS PC Save by Paige Garloff!

2:30 EHS PC cleared by Lizzy Cunningham

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Emmaus is in the white with green kilts and numerals; Stroudsburg is in the maroon with white trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the turf, temperature around 57 degrees

PREGAME The last time these two teams met about two weeks ago, Stroudsburg extended Emmaus into overtime

PREGAME The key will be which team does the better job at bottling up the opposing team’s star player, though it is noticeable that Sholder has been getting her teammates involved in recent games; the Hornets do not need her to score on every occasion to win

PREGAME Emmaus is led by junior Meredith Sholder, who has 56 goals and 38 assists

PREGAME Stroudsburg is led by Jennifer Bukowski, who has had 40 goals this season

PREGAME Though both teams are guaranteed to be in the PIAA Tournament beginning next week, Emmaus is playing for a bit more. The Hornets are the No. 2 team in the TopOfTheCircle Top 10, and are looking to win their 27th straight District 11 title

PREGAME Emmaus is 23-0, Stroudsburg is 21-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to the Zephyr-Coplay Complex at Allentown Whitehall (Pa.) for the PIAA District 11-Class AAA championship between Emmaus (Pa.) and Stroudsburg (Pa.)


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