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Nov. 7, 2015 — Princeton 2, Pennsylvania 1 (OT)

POSTGAME This was a great team goal, one out of the stable of an FC Barcelona, letting the ball do the work. It was a fitting way to award an AQ berth to the 2015 NCAA Tournament

POSTGAME The genesis of this goal was the absolute genius of Tornetta, who withstood four tackles and crafted a backhanded 3-D ball that only McCarthy could get to. The ball was played at slightly above knee height, and McCarthy, flying into space with complete commitment, bunted the ball with great dexterity to not create danger

72:35 PRI GOAL Sophia Tornetta beats three tacklers and slips a backhand ball from the left side of the D, and Ryan McCarthy flashes into the open space and finishes from in front! An absolute golazo! Princeton wins 2-1 and qualifies for the NCAA Tournament! Unbelievable jubilation on the pitch!

72:00 Princeton with a foray into the circle and the lifted shot is just missed!

70:00 We’re on with extra time

FULL TIME That would have been an ending for the ages. Instead, we go to extra time! Up to 30 minutes, next goal wins

69:59 Copeland shoots a bouncing ball wide! Gracious, that would have counted, since the horn did not go off until well after the ball crossed the plane of the endline

69:30 PRI PC Defensed and cleared by Elise Tilton

66:55 Timeout, Princeton

66:55 PENN PC and GOAL Garzio blasts in the 1-Up and we are tied 1-1! She deserved that goal for all of the chances she had during the match

66:00 A bouncing ball is shot into a pile of Tiger bodies in the goalmouth! Penn appeals for a stroke but a corner the result

64:30 A well-worked passing play by Penn is cut out by Wong: what a game she is having

62:00 PRI PC A Princeton mistrap means another squandered opportunity

59:00 PENN PC The corner is whistled down for an offensive foul

57:00 A nicely feathered ball from Caro is flubbed by Benvenuti

53:07 Timeout, Princeton. The Tigers cannot afford to waste chances, all it takes is one lapse to give Penn a chance to draw level. Hoover is back on the pitch

53:07 Alexa Hoover is down and injured for Penn

50:30 Princeton with a free hit in a dangerous position; but turned over needlessly. It was as if though the Princeton player thought that the Penn player who crossed into her field of vision was her teammate. Freddie Brown, anyone?

48:00 Garzio with a strong shot that goes off a Penn foot; unlucky!

45:00 McCarthy has open space off a turn, but is called for stick obstruction

43:00 PRI PC Benvenuti’s shot blocked down in front

41:08 PENN GREEN Hoover sits for the barge from behind

38:30 PRI PC Mistrapped insert

37:00 Anya Gersoff is forced to sprawl to cover Penn’s half-chance

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Wong is an interesting story. She should be in her senior year at Lake Forest (Ill.), but she finished her credits early, got early admission to Princeton, and is starting at center back at the age of 17

HALFTIME When Copeland has been on the pitch, Penn has chosen to shadow the Princeton star with Claire Kneizys. On the other end of the pitch, Princeton has been using freshman Elise Wong to shadow Alexa Hoover of Penn

HALFTIME The Tigers have had the majority of the play thus far, but Penn has had a number of chances. The chances have yet to result in a good shot, though

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Princeton leading 1-0

33:10 PRI GREEN Sophia Tornetta is off for two minutes

28:30 PENN PC Defensed by Cat Caro

22:30 PENN PC Option left to Garzio hits the outside of the cage

13:00 PRI PC Benvenuti’s 1-Up is saved by Mata

10:00 PENN PC Garzio slings it wide of the near post

6:54 PRI GOAL Off the dangerous restart, Benvenuti finds Copeland who slips it into the mesh! Princeton leads 1-0

5:09 PRI PC A low flick is tipped at the end line; a logged Liz Mata gets her blocker on it! What a magnificent save!

3:00 PRI PC Mistrapped and Tilton clears her lines

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Princeton is in the white with orange kilts and numbers; Penn is in the navy with maroon trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up under overcast skies with a light rain; temperature around 63 degrees

PREGAME Two trends to bear in mind: Princeton has won 20 of the last 21 meetings between the two sides. Also, Penn is 4-1 in overtime this season. Given what we saw yesterday in conference tournament play, this is not out of the realm of possibility

PREGAME Penn is led by Alexa Hoover, whose 27 goals this season is third in the country. Elizabeth Hittl, Elise Tilton, and Selena Garzio provide support

PREGAME The Tigers’ talisman thus far this season is Maddie Copeland, who has 13 goals this season. She is assisted by Sophie Tornetta, Ryan McCarthy, and Teresa Benvenuti

PREGAME That’s because this regular-season game is the de facto Ivy League championship game; Princeton is 6-0 and Penn is 5-1. The winner gets into the NCAA Tournament

PREGAME This being Penn-Princeton football weekend, this field hockey game is, for most attendees at the weekend smorgasbord of athletic events between the two schools, an afterthought. But not in this instance

PREGAME Penn is 13-2 on the season; Princeton is 9-6

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Vagelos Field on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania for this Ivy League showdown between Penn and Princeton


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