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Nov. 14, 2015 — Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.) 8, Radnor Archbishop Carroll (Pa.) 1

POSTGAME But we will have that discussion on Monday. For now, good night and good hockey

POSTGAME But that’s not the measure of this team. The quality and class of these players is something to behold. Aside from Allessie’s brace, she had a sequence in the second half that, if it had gone in, would have gone down in the lore of great build up sequences

POSTGAME For the moment (at least until this evening), the Indians still lead the nation in goals scored

POSTGAME In the end, the District 12 champions did not have the wherewithal to compete with Donegal’s offensive firepower

FULL TIME At the whistle, Donegal wins 8-1; a dominating result

58:30 DHS GOAL Gabby Hess finishes the Walker pass and it’s 8-1 Donegal

57:55 Carroll YELLOW Sam Swart to the sin bin

57:00 DHS PC Whistled down for a stick obstruction

55:00 I don’t believe what I’m witnessing here; usually when you get to this late into the PIAA tournament, the games become taut, defensive affairs. I do not remember the last time as many as five goals were scored by a team in this state tournament, much less seven

54:30 DHS PC and GOAL Allessie’s shot is put in by Rachel Overlander and it’s 7-1 Donegal

53:00 DHS PC and GOAL Allessie rescues a wayward shot and buries it off the backhand; Donegal leads 6-1

52:30 DHS PC Shot is defensed!

49:00 DHS PC Allessie’s 1-Up is defensed

46:30 DHS PC Allessie holds and flips, but M.C. Jones stays at home and makes a magnificent save off the line!

45:40 DHS PC Turnaround attempt is tackled!

45:18 DHS PC Walker shot is tipped high by the defense; re-rack

45:18 Timeout, Donegal

44:00 DHS PC Mistrapped off a foot

42:39 DHS PC Shot dribbles harmlessly wide

38:30 DHS PC Saved by Carroll goalie Kimmy McGrory

36:36 DHS GOAL And out of the timeout, Donegal’s Grace Miller puts it in off the dead run! The lead is 5-1 and the Indians are in complete control of this game

36:08 Timeout, Carroll. They’re going to have to make some changes to avoid getting blown out here

36:08 DHS GOAL A sumptuous aerial from Allessie is put in from an angle by Saunders! What a pass! Donegal leads 4-1

33:44 DHS PC The option-left is sniffed out and cleared

31:44 DHS PC Allessie draws and dumps to the stroke line, but the turnaround shot is wide

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Credit Donegal for coming back from the early deficit; Allessie is an absolute magician with the stick. She makes plays that are off the charts for somebody who is 14 years old

HALFTIME And at the whistle, Donegal leads 3-1

28:30 DHS PC Option left is cleared off the line!

28:00 DHS PC Allessie pounds one off the poster; will re-rack

23:54 DHS GOAL Lily Saunders finishes off a 3-on-1 and Donegal takes a 3-1 lead

23:17 AC PC Allessie clears with a delightful backhand over two opposing sticks; it is like watching FC Barcelona in a two-touch drill

20:16 DHS PC Allessie pulls her shot wide

20:00 DHS PC Duffed shot hits a Carroll defender; will re-rack

18:30 AC PC High (and dangerous) shot saved by Jean, but we play on

14:59 DHS GOAL And, off the long hit, Kayla Walker puts it in off the pipe and the Indians lead 2-1

14:45 DHS PC The pass to the post is missed but Donegal gets a long hit out of it

13:00 DHS PC The Indians get three bites of the cherry but can’t get it into the goal cage

12:00 AC PC Mistrapped and Donegal clears

7:40 DHS PC and GOAL Mackenzie Allessie pulls left and slides a chip past the diving keeper! Golazo! That is her 58th of the season! Game tied 1-1! That is the way to respond to an early goal

6:40 AC GOAL An innocuous angled shot from Gracie McClatchy gets under Katie Jean’s pad and Carroll leads 1-0

5:00 DHS PC Allessie’s flip shot hits a Carroll defender in the leg; no call?

4:00 AC PC Shot is duffed and the Indians clear their lines

3:45 AC PC Shot is cleared, but will re-rack on the push

2:10 DHS PC An option-left is tipped just wide

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Donegal is in the white tops with green kilts; Carroll is in the black with red socks

PREGAME Archbishop Carroll, a national power in girls’ basketball and girls’ lacrosse, is trying to make the step up in field hockey. This will be a major test as to how far they have come

PREGAME Sophomore Katie Jean and freshman Mackenzie Allessie are on the U.S. U-17 national team, and are awesome talents who will be pacing the Indians for years to come, and junior Rachel Robinson is also in the USA high performance system with the U-19s

PREGAME Donegal comes into this game as one of the favorites to win the Class AA tournament for more than one reason; they can be currently found on age-group national teams

PREGAME Welcome to Don Thomas Stadium for this PIAA Class AA quarterfinal matchup between Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.) and Radnor Archbishop Carroll (Pa.)


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