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BULLETIN: Nov. 17, 2015 — A transformative coach resigns

Bob Elmer, who resigned today as a teacher and girls’ lacrosse coach at Camillus West Genesee (N.Y.), had 313 wins in his career.

But one win, above all the rest, is his touchstone.

That win came April 14, 2007, just outside Baltimore. The occasion was the championship final of the 11th Mount Hebron Invitational.

And the opponent for West Genny that day was the mighty Ellicott City Mount Hebron (Md.) Vikings.

For the better part of seven years, Hebron ruled the girls’ lacrosse universe. Thanks to the coaching of P.J. Kesmodel, Chris Robinson, and Brooke Kuhl-McClelland, the program built its success on skill and athleticism.

Under Kuhl-McClelland, a dance teacher with no lacrosse playing experience, the team added a well-choreographed rhythm offense that relied on players being in certain places at certain times to cut and receive the ball.

It worked; she won her first 89 games as head coach, extending the program’s overall win streak to 103.

That is, until the Wildcats came to town.

Here are some observations of that game.


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