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Nov. 30, 2015 — Proportion and perspective

Yesterday, I stopped over at an ATM machine to get some traveling money.

I got something unexpected: a $100 bill instead of smaller change.

Inflation being what it is in this world, I was wondering when this was going to happen. We’re no longer in a world of the “five-and-dime” store where everything was either five or ten cents (plus tax, of course). Indeed, it’s gotten to the point where there are stores whose very names place the value of their goods in dollars rather than cents, such as Dollar Tree and Five Below.

There have been stories in the last few years about how runaway inflation has required people to trade in their older money for new currency lest the old currency drop in value overnight. Such “hyperinflation” once led to the government of Zimbabwe having to print larger and larger denominations of currency in order to keep up. Prices for some goods doubled in value every 24 hours against the Zimbabwean dollar.

Though the rate of inflation has not nearly gotten to that level here, it is sometime discouraging to note that you can’t get a good $5 lunch in many places. And the same White Castle burger that cost 39 cents back in the 1980s is about 79 cents today.

Well, at least I know which ATM machine to go to if I need larger bills.



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