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BULLETIN: Dec. 14, 2015 — A lacrosse stalwart stands accused

A few weeks ago, we wrote this.

Today, the Syracuse Post-Standard wrote this.

It would appear, from the comments section of this article, that people are choosing sides on this one very quickly.

The one thing I would mention here is that the accusation comes from a person who might have been a minor child in New York at the time of the earliest accusation; the earliest date was unclear. Despite that, however, it is an unconscionable thing that Bob Elmer did to this woman, something that has haunted her for decades.

And it’s too bad that certain statutes of limitation, even for child sexual assault, remain in place because the victims often live in a kind of internal prison for a lot longer than most perpetrators for this kind of crime would end up in jail.

At this point, according to the story, it’s anyone’s guess whether the case is able to be prosecuted.


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