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Dec. 20, 2015 — Celebration and sorrow

Last night, driving to one of my favorite entertainment spots, I listened to a song on the radio that my sister loved when we were pre-teens in Mississippi.

The song had a lot of contradictions in it. It mentioned how someone was born at the age of 27, how he lives his life with the contretemps of serenity and fear, and how he came home to a place he had never been before.

The song is “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver.

It’s my birthday today, and my first without my parents.

I’ve gotten to learn, over the last few years, that, even though you may lose parents, friends, and family members, that you often retain their lessons and tendencies.

There was the Easter Sunday that unexpected company came over, and it was Mama’s sense of duty that spurred me to prepare ice water for the group, no questions asked.

It’s not going to be the easiest week, but I’ll pull through with the support of family … my silly, dysfunctional, quirky family.

But they’re all I’ve got now.


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