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Jan. 2, 2016 — The hard pivot

Usually, this time of year, we take time to reflect on what just happened in terms of the domestic field hockey season with an eye on picking up on lacrosse in March.

But as you can see, the site is decked in Haudenosaunee colors, the Daily Statwatch now reflects some incoming scholastic girls’ lacrosse records, and you’ll notice that our logo has a lacrosse stick rather than a field hockey stick.

This site is planning an aggressive change to lacrosse for the next six months before moving back to field hockey this July. We’re going to roll out college previews this month as well as an early back-of-the-envelope Top 10 like we’ve done in field hockey. And yeah, we’re going to try to work on Statwatch, which is going to be highly imperfect to the point of being suboptimal.

A lot of this is because the lacrosse season has begun earlier and earlier, and key conference matchups in the collegiate scene are likely to be decided in the snows of February rather than the heat of May.

Of course, I’ve given Bill Tierney, the former coach at Princeton University, a bit of grief over the years for scheduling games earlier and earlier.

But he’s now won a national championship with Denver.

Which is one more than I have.


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