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Jan. 14, 2016 — To bury, or to praise?

ADVISORY: If you’re a teenager reading today’s blog entry, you may want to read this with a parent or guardian alongside you.

They’re memorializing David Bowie this week, as a music and fashion legend, as a crusader to bring more black artists to the fore, and as an iconoclast who helped countless teenagers figure out their own identities.

But, as several Internet articles in the last few months have indicated, Bowie also developed intimate relationships with underage girls.

In the current conversation regarding sexual assaults, and even rape, on the part of schoolteachers, public figures like comedian Bill Cosby, and sports coaches like former U.S. international field hockey player Todd Broxmeyer, Bowie must now be put into the conversation.

When you read the original Thrillist story (which does have some inappropriate language), you also have to wonder how many other “teen heart-throbs” engaged in the same grooming techniques as is alleged to have happened with Cosby and Broxmeyer.

It’s a question that is only now gaining legs in the on-line world, and will continue as long as there is unquestioned power being wielded for prurient gain.


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