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Feb. 1, 2016 — New month and a new twist

The last couple of days saw record visits to our content — something I never expected, but I guess the way people tend to view content is through Twitter. Makes me wonder which other platforms would work for field hockey and lacrosse.

There are so many out there with names that form a gumbo of syllables: Tumblr, Meerkat, Ning, Digg, and Blab. Each of them do something with text, with video, with information that attempts to drive awareness of a person or an idea or even an entire sport.

We’re not yet jumping into other social media platforms, such is the risk of woolgathering, but we’ll try to leverage our presence to try to get more information out to you, the reader.

So, tomorrow, this site debut a feature tomorrow that will surprise and amaze each and every one of you. It will be so stupendous that you’re going to want to stay up late on the West Coast to read tomorrow’s blog entry before you go to bed.

OK, so maybe it’s not that stupendous. But it will be a groundbreaking entry, that’s for sure.



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