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Feb. 20, 2016 — Maryland 18, Georgetown 8

POSTGAME That’s all for now; have a good afternoon

POSTGAME Truth be told, if you keep winning draws in between the 35s and not letting the opposition have the ball, you’re going to win a lot more games than you lose

POSTGAME Maryland won the game in the first 20 minutes, taking the initiative and winning draw after draw after draw. The Terrapins executed some sublime passing to get their players open for goal shots

POSTGAME I thought Georgetown was going to be the kind of test that would have shown what the Terrapins would have to work on for next week’s showdown, but they hit on all cylinders. This team would give the Adams-Carney-Comito-Nelson teams of the late 1990s a run, for sure

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Maryland winning 18-8

56:25 UMD GOAL Whittle with her fourth and the score is 18-8

55:30 UMD GOAL Longo scores the EWO goal; Maryland leads 17-8

54:27 Georgetown YELLOW; Lovett’s second, team’s second

54:11 GU GOAL Etchison bounces one high into the cage; that’s five straight for the Hoyas but the deficit is eight

50:46 GU GOAL Kristen Ierna scores and the clock stops; Terps still ahead 16-7

50:03 Timeout, Georgetown

47:27 GU GOAL Freshman Francesca Whitehurst tallies; the Hoyas are starting to find form against the Terps’ reserves but the score is 16-6

45:26 GU GOAL Morgan Rubin scores, but the Hoyas are playing for pride at this point as the deficit is 11

43:35 GU GOAL Lovett scores on a rebound from the tightest of angles; Maryland still holds a 12-goal lead

40:06 Sophomore Emma Moss now enters the crease for the hosts

40:06 UMD GOAL Streele with her third of the game and it’s 16-3 for Maryland

37:30 UMD FP and GOAL Whittle from the right hash; Maryland leads 15-3

30:28 GU GOAL Bandos takes a pass from Etchison and scores; Maryland still leads 14-3

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME A fair question to ask at this juncture is whether Maryland is that good, or has Georgetown slipped from the form it had when it played Maryland to triple overtime in 2001 in the NCAA final?

HALFTIME At the horn, Maryland leads Georgetown 14-2

27:10 UMD GOAL Taylor Cummings flares into the fan and finiahes; Maryland up 14-2

25:15 GU GOAL Bandos with her second but the Georgetown deficit is 11

23:11 Kift, the junior, now in the cage for Maryland

23:11 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle speeds down the park like a rocket and slams it home! Maryland leads 13-1

21:02 GU GOAL Kristen Bandos scores but the deficit is still 11

18:55 UMD GOAL Stukenberg and Cummings with some iso that shakes Stukenberg free for the put away! Maryland leads 12-0

15:30 UMD GOAL Taylor Hensh takes a diagonal feed from Taylor Cummings and scores to make it 11-0 for Maryland; I can’t believe what I’m witnessing here

13:10 UMD GOAL Stukenberg feathers in a quickstick from Caroline Wannen and the Terps are up 10; the clock runs

11:55 UMD GOAL Bryn Boucher scores to make it 9-0 Maryland

11:20 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle makes it 8-0; the floodgates have truly opened

10:45 Georgetown YELLOW; Colleen Lovett with the check to the head

10:09 UMD GOAL Steele with her second with a left-gander off a left cut; Maryland up seven

9:21 UMD GOAL Kacie Longo snaps one off from the right elbow and it’s 6-0 Maryland

4:46 UMD FP and GOAL Jen Giles runs in from the left hash and the lead is five

3:54 UMD GOAL Taylor Hensh scores off a Taylor Cummings feed and Maryland is up 4-0

2:50 Timeout, Georgetown.

2:50 UMD GOAL Steele tries from the crease, but Zoe Stukenberg zings in and cleans up; Terps lead 3-0

2:14 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele shakes free and scores; Maryland takes a 2-0 lead

0:50 UMD GOAL Dream start as the hosts get the first draw, first ground ball, first clear, first shot, and first goal by Bryn Boucher. Terps lead 1-0

0:00 The game is on; Taylor, the freshman, starts in goal for the Terrapins

PREGAME Georgetown is in the navy with white numbers and trim; Maryland is in the white trimmed with the colors of the state flag

PREGAME The teams are warming up under a slight overcast, temperatures around 55 degrees

PREGAME Another interesting thing to watch is the Maryland goalkeeping situation. After relying on a graduate student transfer a year ago, it’s an open competition between junior Emily Kift, sophomore Emma Moss, and freshman Megan Taylor

PREGAME One sidebar to this game is how the Georgetown coaching staff try to handle Taylor Cummings. Ricky Fried may be the coach who has the insight as to how to stop her, given the fact he coaches her on the U.S. women’s national team. We’ll keep tabs on what the Hoya defense does

PREGAME Georgetown is 0-1 on the season, and is led by senior Kristen Bandos. The Hoyas really need wins to build an NCAA Tournament resume, and they are having to play this match and the next four on the road

PREGAME Maryland is 1-0, your defending national champion, and has two-time Tewaaraton Trophy winner Taylor Cummings on the roster. The Terps need a good game this week to lead into next Saturday’s showdown at North Carolina

PREGAME Welcome to The Lacrosse and Field Hockey Complex (yep, we’re calling it that) at the University of Maryland for this interconference match between Maryland and Georgetown


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