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Feb. 28, 2016 — Syracuse 16, Northwestern 12

FULL TIME That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in

FULL TIME Let’s also give a call to Syracuse freshman defender Alexa Radziewicz, who marked Lasota out of the game on the attack end. Lasota didn’t have a single point on the day

FULL TIME Northwestern lived and died by the free position today. The Cats expertly were able to absorb fouls in the scoring area to create chances. But it was Syracuse which seemed to be more able to put them away. Majorana took a page out of the Selena Lasota playbook and was able to score right off the fan, much like the way free positions were taken a quarter-century ago

FULL TIME You could see the visible frustration on the part of Northwestern in the center of the park in trying to win the ball, as they committed several fouls which were supposed to be bookable offenses this year in terms of making contact with players after the whistle or after the ball was away from a player passing to a teammate

FULL TIME Syracuse won the game in the center circle, outdrawing Northwestern 20-10, and it made the Northwestern coaching staff resort to the rulebook to get the umpires to check the stick that Treanor used to great effect. But as it turns out, the draw stick was only part of her arsenal, as she kept winning possession after goals

FULL TIME And with the final horn, Syracuse wins the game 16-12 to remain undefeated on the season

58:20 Syracuse wins the draw and is content to hold it out at the perimeter

58:18 NU FP and GOAL Kaleigh Craig from the center hash, but the Orange lead 16-12

57:29 NU GOAL Sheila Nesselbush with the hat trick; but the Orange still lead 16-11

56:43 SU GOAL Bodt on the doorstep finishes the Donahue pass, Orange lead 16-10

55:53 SU GOAL Gabby Jacquith dunks it over Weisse and gives the Orange a 15-10 advantage

54:50 A rushed shot nestles into Murray’s goal stick

54:36 Northwestern wins the draw; what can they do here?

54:31 Syracuse has a four-goal lead and can see out this game with a draw control here — that is, if the attack makes wise decisions


54:31 SU Treanor skips, stutters, and scores; Syracuse takes a 14-10 lead

53:19 NU FP Craig from the center-right is denied by Murray! The goalies are now engaged in their own game of “Can You Top This?”

52:30 Levy on the doorstep and Weisse stops her again! Wow!

51:40 Levy cuts right through the middle with an open shot, but Weisse makes an enormous save

51:00 Syracuse is on the perimeter and Northwestern chases. Will Syracuse go on a full stall?

49:54 NU GOAL Ingrilli cuts into the space Fredericks vacates and scores; Northwestern pulls another back but still trail 13-10

47:08 NU GOAL Kaleigh Craig takes it to the left wing; Murray overcommits and the ball slowly bounces by her. Syracuse still leads 13-9

45:30 NU FP Esposito from the left hash tries to wrestle it in over Murray and the ball goes wide!

44:05 SU GOAL Levy knocks it in and the Orange lead 13-8

43:50 Weisse with an enormous kick save off a Syracuse shot! Wow!

43:35 Majorana, making up for the poor pass, intercepts Weisse as if she had stolen Northwestern’s playbook

43:15 Majorana in the office, tries a pass to the front, but the ball hits the back of the goal cage and Northwestern will get a chance to get the ball into the attack end for the first time in about 10 minutes

43:00 Is Syracuse running a stall-to-score this early?

41:24 And while all this is going on, Syracuse is still winning draws despite Treanor’s stick being ruled illegal

41:23 SU GOAL Gait takes a pass from Erica Bodt in the middle of the fan and sticks it into the cage; Syracuse is on a roll now, leading 12-8

40:07 Northwestern has been sagging off on defense, not willing to give Syracuse open lanes to goal from double-teams. Will they have to change on defense to get back into it?


40:07 SU GOAL Levy cuts right, makes a fake, and puts it under the crossbar; Syracuse leads 11-8

38:52 SU GOAL Taylor Gait cuts into the middle and stakes the Orange to a 10-8 lead

37:00 SU FP and GOAL Majorana with a low shot from the left hash and Syracuse takes a 9-8 lead

36:19 NU GOAL Nesselbush with a looping run and an overhand shot finds net! Game tied 8-8

31:59 NU GOAL Esposito gets the ball into the cage just before the expiration of the EWO but Syracuse still leads 8-7

31:30 NU TIMEOUT Kelly Amonte-Hiller calls a timeout on the sideline to try to settle the team down after playing a little hot-potato in the midfield

31:10 Northwestern dispossesses Syracuse and has an odd-man break, but Lasota fumbles the ball

30:39 NU YELLOW And now Emily Eichner with a check to the head in trying to chase the ball

30:00 And Syracuse wins the draw. Go figure

HALFTIME And now, it seems there are two illegal sticks being taken out of play, and Northwestern is now up two players for the first two minutes of the second half

HALFTIME With the new rules, there should be a two-minute non-releaseable penalty if a stick is found to be illegal

HALFTIME One thing to realize: both coaches have an interest in the design of lacrosse sticks. Gait helped in the design of the offset stick back in 2000, and Amonte-Hiller has her own stick design with Under Armour

HALFTIME It looks like they are looking at the specialized draw stick that Treanor has been using to dominate the center circle, and are they ruling that stick illegal now? Would love to know what the violation is and, frankly, whether the number of loops under and over the shooting strings makes a difference?

HALFTIME Indeed, about the only thing we haven’t yet seen is the umpires coming over to the scorer’s table to check the rulebook — check that. The four game officials are looking over a stack of printouts surrounding one of the sticks, which are now not allowed to have any modifications from how they come out of the factory

HALFTIME Truth be told, Syracuse should have a much larger lead. They are dominating the draw circle with Treanor at center and have also had the better opportunities. But Northwestern, like a swashbuckling buccaneer, managed to get back into the game scoring five straight goals in nine minutes

HALFTIME It’s only February, but these teams are playing a game which is very much reminiscent of the kind of game you might find in an NCAA tournament: plenty of surges in momentum, star players making the needed plays, and incidents rarely seen in the course of play

HALFTIME At the buzzer, the Orange take an 8-6 lead into the interval

29:40 Syracuse works it around for an open shot, but Northwestern was closer to the ball as it goes over the endline

28:43 SU FP and GOAL Kelly Cross from the center-left hashmark and the Orange take an 8-6 lead

26:12 SU FP and GOAL Donahue, on the right hash, cuts into the middle where Treanor fills the space and fills the net! Syracuse leads 7-6

25:28 SU GOAL Nicole Levy finds open space in the fan and Majorana rewards her with the ball; game is tied 6-6 and it’s all to play for

24:28 NU FP and GOAL Nesselbush gets the ball and makes a cut across the face of goal, finishing with a low backhand; Wildcats take a 6-5 lead

23:14 Syracuse holds the ball but Northwestern opts not to double and the penalty expires; we’re at even strength

22:01 Nesselbush pings the iron with the shot! Wow; that close to taking the lead!

21:14 SU YELLOW Donahue is off for two minutes for a check to the head

20:46 SU GOAL Treanor comes out from behind the goal and is all by her lonesome; easy finish over Weisse ties the game 5-5


20:03 SU GOAL Kayla Treanor gets the entry pass from Halle Majorana and finishes over Weisse’s shoulder; Northwestern still leads 5-4

17:45 The Ingrilli goal comes from the fact that Murray is a very aggressive goalie; she was outside of the crease when she was dispossessed

17:45 SU TIMEOUT The Orange attack has been silent the last quarter-hour, and head coach Gary Gait needs to nip this in the bud right now

17:45 NU GOAL Catie Ingrilli is stuffed by Murray, but makes the steal almost right out of her stick and stuffs it over the goalkeeper; Northwestern leads 5-3

16:57 NU FP and GOAL Christina Esposito from the center hash finishes it; it is the third straight FP opportunity on this possession and she is finally able to get her stick free; Northwestern leads 4-3

15:21 NU FP and GOAL Sheila Nesselbush runs in from the left hash and bounces it in! The game is now tied 3-3

12:49 Your Founder has been around girls’ and women’s lacrosse since 1989, and that’s only the third own goal we’ve witnessed


12:49 NU GOAL Northwestern shot is saved by SU goalie Allie Murray, but in trying to throw it onto the back of the goal cage, she instead imparts enough spin on the ball to curl it over the goal line! What an unfortunate turn of events that puts Northwestern behind one goal at 3-2

11:00 Syracuse’s Donahue finishes from in front, but is called for a crease violation

8:40 NU GOAL Kayleigh Craig gets the entry pass from Shelby Fredericks and finishes just inside the post; Syracuse still leads 3-1

7:45 Stroup is found wide open on the crease by Corinne Wessels, but Stroup misses the cage; and the Cats fail to back up the ball

5:01 Syracuse is playing short, but attacks and shoots the ball just wide!

4:44 Northwestern with their first sustained possession of the game, but fumble the ball over the sideline

4:01 SU YELLOW Natalie Wallon bounces it in off a Northwestern defender, but she is booked for a dangerous shot

3:02 SU GOAL Riley Donahue with a flip shot from a Kayla Treanor feed from the office; Syracuse is assuming control with the first three goals of the contest

2:16 SU FP AND GOAL Majorana connects with the forehand from the left hash; Syracuse leads 2-0

0:44 SU GOAL Majorana comes from behind the net and flips it over Weisse’s shoulder; Syracuse leads 1-0

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Northwestern is in the all black with white trim; Syracuse is in the white with orange trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the floor of the Carrier Dome, temperature is around 70 degrees; though with balmy conditions outside, perhaps it might be a good thing to MTSO?

PREGAME Northwestern is led by sophomore Selena Lasota, who had a sensational debut campaign last year. She’s bolstered by her countrywoman Danita Stroup, who helped in winning the FIL U19 women’s lacrosse title last summer

PREGAME Syracuse is led by Kayla Treanor, one of the most gifted attacking talents in the history of the sport. Watch also for Halle Majorana, who is being asked to do more this season

PREGAME It’s been a week of Top 20 showdowns, with overtime drama between Loyola and Hopkins, and then there was yesterday’s one-goal nailbiter between Carolina and Maryland. This game could be even better

PREGAME Syracuse is 4-0 on the season and holds the No.2 ranking in the coaches’ poll, No. 5 Northwestern is 1-1

PREGAME It’s a game of once and future NCAA champions as Northwestern takes on Syracuse this afternoon at the Carrier Dome


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