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March 1, 2016 — Parity to a point

With this afternoon’s result, with Florida defeating previously unbeaten Syracuse 11-10 in extra time, the number of undefeated teams in Division I is down to 17 out of 111 teams. And that’s in just three weeks.

I know the world of women’s lacrosse is looking warily at the way defending champion Maryland is playing and is wondering if there are one or more teams that are going to match them in either overall record or on the field of play.

But I get the feeling this may shape up to be a season like the field hockey season three or four autumns ago when the best team in the country actually had four defeats on the season — mostly a product of being part of a great conference.

I don’t think won-loss records are going to make much of a difference, long term. Sure, you might have one or more undefeated teams headed into the postseason, but somehow, I’m not so sure this time around. After all, Maryland didn’t even make its conference final a year ago, but won the national championship.

All this means that the March 19th match between Florida and Maryland is more than just a game; it could be the fulcrum leveraging the entire 2016 Division I season.


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