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March 12, 2016 — Maryland 14, Syracuse 8

POSTGAME So, that’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in

POSTGAME Meanwhile, Maryland doesn’t begin conference play until March 31st, and will do so with a bang: Northwestern will travel to College Park

POSTGAME Syracuse has gone 2-2 in its last four matches, all of which have been against Top 10 teams. The Orange beat Northwestern and Virginia, but lost to Florida and Maryland. For the team to get into the national-championship conversation, the Orange are going to have to do better against the likes of North Carolina (April 16th) and the team that could be this year’s Cinderella, Louisville (April 23rd)

POSTGAME Example of Maryland’s dominance include the entire second half of the 2000 Division I final against Princeton, as well as the first 11 minutes of last year’s regular-season game against Penn State

POSTGAME Hensh, for the record, started Maryland’s comeback from a 7-6 deficit to level the game 7-7. From the 39th minute to the end, the Terps outscored Syracuse 8-1, a frighteningly efficient and well-executed segment of play reminiscent of other remarkable Maryland runs they have had over the years

POSTGAME Today, that player was Taylor Hench, who had four goals. Also keying the attack with her pace and vision was Jen Giles, who seemed to be the person to figure out how to draw Murray out of the crease and shoot around her

POSTGAME Maryland’s modus operandi during the last quarter-century of dominance in the world of women’s lacrosse is being able to get everyone involved. In the mid-1990s, if you shut off Sascha Newmarch and Kelly Amonte, Randall Goldsborough and Sarah Forbes were more than willing to step up. And as good as Taylor Cummings, Brooke Griffin, Zoe Stukenberg and Megan Whittle have been in recent years, other players in the attack such as Kristen Lamon have come up big at key times

FULL TIME At the horn, Maryland wins the game 14-9

59:06 SYRACUSE YELLOW Mallory Vehar is suspended for two minutes; not what you want at this juncture. The EWO makes the stall even more effective

57:30 Maryland wins the draw and is content to try to run out the clock

57:22 SYR GOAL Cross with the quickstick, and she appears to be the matchup problem for the Maryland defense; Terps lead 14-9

55:54 UMD FP AND GOAL Cummings finishes a second-half hat trick from the left hash; Maryland is pouring on the pressure and leads the game 14-8

55:33 TIMEOUT MARYLAND Cathy Reese looks to see out this game; likely with a full-on stall

54:53 TIMEOUT SYRACUSE The Terps have turned up the wick and have gotten the ball to Cummings and Stukenberg this half. Nice to know that all seven points of the offense can finish in big games

54:53 UMD GOAL Cummings sloughs off her marker, Haley McDonnell, and underhands the ball into the cage; Maryland leads 13-8

54:07 UMD GOAL Hench from the right wing, puts her fourth goal in; she had three goals coming in on the season, but she’s now a matchup problem for the Orangewomen; Maryland leads 12-8

53:22 Maryland has played Syracuse’s game tempo the last few minutes and has been succeeding; I was expecting the Orange to be able to apply more sustained pressure this half

53:22  TV TIMEOUT Both teams still have two team timeouts each; if those media timeouts aren’t there, I’m sure Gary Gait would have spent one here

53:22 UMD FP and GOAL Well, perhaps you do if you have a hungry Taylor Cummings on the 8-meter. She scores her first of the game to stake Maryland out to an 11-8 lead

53:00 Maryland chooses to take some of the air out of the ball and holds out for Syracuse to chase; do you want to start the stall this early?

51:40 Majorana gets the ball to Cross at the crease, but the ball is dropped

47:40 Maryland with the offensive turnover; Terps may have been momentarily confused as Murray came out of the cage to become an extra defender

47:00 Syracuse wins the draw, but a sloppy entry pass into the attack end allows Maryland to gain possession

46:38 SYR FP Zoe Stukenberg takes a pass from Wannen and finishes with the left hand; Maryland leads 10-8

45:27 SYR FP Treanor from the extreme right hash! That’s a shot only a handful of people could convert; the Syracuse deficit is now one

45:15 SYR FP Bodt from the center-left, elects to pass to Levy

44:45 UMD FP AND GOAL Giles converts the chance from the left hash (oddly, Murray is allowed to remain in the cage; must have been judged a minor foul) and the Terrapins lead 9-7

44:43 Jen Giles, on the possession, makes another slaloming run that draws Murray out of the cage, Murray has to foul in order to prevent Giles from putting it into an open goal


43:24 UMD FP and GOAL Caroline Steele, a left-handed shot, gets the angle from the right hash and flips it high for the goal; Maryland leads 8-7

41:50 Umpires have to get together on a midfield check; one umpire had a hold, the other had an elbow. Because Maryland won the first draw of the game, the possession arrow favors Syracuse

40:55 SYR YELLOW Bodt with the slash; Maryland with a two-minute EWO

40:30 SYR FP Bodt shoots and Taylor saves; it looked like she took a look at one of her teammates for a dumpdown pass but she chose the direct route

39:40 UMD FP Giles from the center hash; Murray says no

39:15 UMD FP Hench from the right hash, but Murray gets that stick up to block it behind

38:20 UMD FP and GOAL Hench from the left hash, puts it over Murray’s shoulder and the game is tied 7-7

37:15 That play is there all day if the Orange wants it

37:15 SYR GOAL Treanor again backs down Mercer on the left wing and slips a shot in the lower corner past Taylor’s shin; Syracuse leads 7-6

35:43 SYR GOAL Erica Bodt finishes a fine Levy pass on the doorstep; the game is tied 6-6

34:57 UMD FP Boucher is open from the top center, but she hits the post; she is snakebitten

34:23 UMD FP Boucher passes out of the free position chance to retain possession

34:20 UMD FP Boucher is checked; will re-rack

34:10 Zoe Stukenberg, who has not seen a lot of the ball in the attack end, makes an amazing hustle play to sweep an errant ball back into play for Caroline Steele to execute an odd-man rush

33:15 Nadine Hadnagy with a tremendous interception of a lollipop pass

30:15 Syracuse is working it around; will this be one of those long possessions that take the air out of the ball?

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME I think the tempo and pace of the second half which will determine the outcome; Syracuse will win if they are able to have consistent and longer possessions. Maryland will win if the game turns run-and-gun

HALFTIME As in many situations involving Top 5 teams, I think the play of the goalies will tell the tale. Murray is an aggressive goalie, which may have cost her on a couple of occasions, but she made one save on Whittle that was from the David DeGea highlight reel. Taylor, for Maryland, doesn’t look like a freshman

HALFTIME And as an interesting bonus, Syracuse has won the battle of the draw circle, 8-4, although much of that draw-winning has been on the part of the Syracuse wing midfielders crashing in to get the groundball pickups

HALFTIME Maryland led 3-0 early, but Syracuse has found a way to draw even. They applied pressure and pounced on several uncharacteristic Maryland turnovers. More importantly, they handed the ball to Majorana and Levy, who have been outstanding this half

HALFTIME At the buzzer, the score is Maryland 6, Syracuse 5

29:45 UMD GOAL Jen Giles weaves through three players and draws Murray out of the crease to score that one; Maryland leads 6-5

29:28 UMD GOAL Hench responds while being decked; game tied 5-5

29:03 SYR GOAL Treanor backs down her U.S. teammate Alice Mercer and scores it! Wow! Syracuse leads 5-4

27:28 SYR GOAL Nicole Levy finds a wide-open Riley Donahue on the right post; that was a rare blown coverage on the part of Maryland. Game tied 4-4

27:17 SYR GOAL Majorana leads the 2-on-1, is checked, and rolls to the inside with a backhander! The Orange are within one!


24:58 UMD FP and GOAL Caroline Wannen connects from the left hash and the Terps take a 4-2 lead

24:00 Syracuse has not been taking the air out of the ball, but has been able to apply pressure with skilled possession and targeted double-teaming as Maryland attempts to clear. The Orange had a sustained period of about eight minutes in the attack end, but no goals to show for it

23:45 Whittle with a double-fake on Allie Murray in the Syracuse cage; how does that ball not go in?

22:00 SYR FP Treanor is at the top dead center of the 12-meter but she chooses to pass out of the free position opportunity

20:15 Alice Mercer starts the clear but Treanor dispossesses her deep in the corner; that’s one of those subtle plays that can change a game

19:30 SYR FP Cross misses the post by a couple of inches

18:55 SYR FP Kelly Cross’ shot hits Taylor in the breadbasket

16:10 SYR FP Taylor Gait has her shot saved by Megan Taylor, the Maryland goalie

14:45 Cummings with a shot off the right wing and she hits the post!

12:56 Maryland holds the ball into the attack end as the penalty expires

10:58 SYR FP Shot goes over the net

10:56 UMD YELLOW Alice Mercer is off for a late hit after Treanor gets off the bolo shot; that is a point of emphasis this year in the rulebook

9:40 SYR GOAL Natalie Walton with a nice quick-stick from a Majorana feed; Maryland’s lead is down to one

7:00 SYR FP and GOAL Halle Majorana, the former Terp, rifles it from the left hash; Maryland still leads 3-1

5:43 UMD GOAL Boucher with an open shot after some quick Maryland ball-movement, and she slips it hip-high inside the post; Maryland leads 3-0

3:12 UMD GOAL Megan Whittle with an iso from up-top, and she buries it; Maryland up 2-0

1:43 SYR YELLOW Alexa Radziewicz is off for two minutes and Maryland on the EWO

1:09 UMD FP and GOAL Taylor Hensh takes three steps from the left hash and slips it inside the post; Terps lead 1-0

1:00 The Terps are able to spring Bryn Boucher wide open on the arc; the shot is blocked, but it’s not a good sign for the Orange defense

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Maryland is in the red uniforms with yellow numbers, trimmed with the motif reminiscent of the Maryland state flag; Syracuse is in the white tops with orange numbers

PREGAME Maryland has dominated the series, only losing once to the Orangewomen. Maryland has also ended Syracuse’s season the last two seasons. Both Syracuse head coach Gary Gait and Maryland coach Cathy Reese are part of the Cindy Timchal coaching tree

PREGAME This is a match of once and future national champions as well as once and future Tewaaraton Trophy winners — both centers. Taylor Cummings, the Maryland senior, is being compared with the all-time greats of the game. Kayla Treanor, the Syracuse senior, is similarly being compared with Cummings

PREGAME Maryland is 4-0 on the season; Syracuse is 6-1

PREGAME Welcome to the Carrier Dome for this interconference game between No. 1 Maryland and No. 3 Syracuse


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