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March 26, 2016 — Cortland 16, TCNJ 9

POSTGAME That’s all for now; thanks for tuning in

POSTGAME For me, however, the woman of the match was Elmer. She was an absolute titan in the office, recording four assists, winning 50-50 groundball pickups, and showing great field generalship. And for those of you wondering, yes, she’s the daughter of former Camillus West Genesee (N.Y.) head coach Bob Elmer

POSTGAME Monaghan is on the 52-woman Tewaaraton Award watchlist for a reason. Outstanding at both ends of the pitch, she generated the zip in the Cortland attack once Gentile won the draw

POSTGAME As much as the defense was lacking for the Lions, what I’ll remember is the mental error in the 11th minute that handed Cortland a 4-on-3 break that Ohberg finished with aplomb

POSTGAME Cortland is the defending national champion for a reason. They valued the ball, made passing lanes, and took advantage over and over again of the soft underbelly of the TCNJ defense

FULL TIME At the horn, Cortland wins this intersectional match by a score of 16-9

59:32 TCNJ GOAL Another curl goal by TCNJ, this time by Erin Harvey; Cortland leads 16-9

58:47 COR GOAL Monahan quicksticks another Elmer pass from the center of the arc; Cortland leads 16-8

58:00 Cortland is content to pass and cut, though it’s not an outright stall

57:00 And, what else is new? Gentile with the draw control

56:55 COR GOAL Gentile takes it 25 yards from goal and weaves through the defense to score; it is her sixth of the match; Cortland reaches 15 goals to TCNJ’s 8

56:13 TIMEOUT TCNJ So, this has been an emphatic win for Cortland, and it shows that TCNJ has a lot to do in order to improve on its close defense; too many times, a single cutting pass has resulted in an easy opportunity. Too, Cortland’s Gentile has been doing her own Taylor Cummings imitation all afternoon

56:13 COR GOAL Bello quick-sticks an Elmer pass that was put on a silver auger for her; Cortland leads 14-8

54:32 TCNJ GOAL Nataliccio weaves past three picks, rolls off a defender, and scores! Cortland still leads 13-8

52:45 Ohberg hits the crossbar with a spectacular shot off a slaloming run!

51:57 TCNJ FP Waller, running from the right hash, beats Beshlian this time; Cortland still leads 13-7

51:02 COR GOAL Gentile finds Monahan wide open again in the fan, and the Dragons lead 13-6

50:22 COR GOAL Elmer takes advantage of the fact that Chrone got tangled up with her defender while trying to save an Ohberg shot; Cortland now has a 12-6 lead

48:15 COR FP Stone hits the crossbar from top dead center; that would likely have made this fixture done and dusted

47:15 TCNJ FP Waller, on the right hash, is denied by Beshlian; wow!

45:30 Lions win the draw but jack one up that is saved; perhaps too early to take the first open shot?

44:55 TIMEOUT CORTLAND It’s only a two-goal run here, but I’ve seen TCNJ come back from deficits like this before. I wonder if Cortland is thinking that it is a tactical error to take the air out of the ball?

44:55 TCNJ GOAL Mia Blackman curls from the left wing and puts it in; Cortland leads 11-6

40:00 Cortland is not in any hurry here; do you want to be running a stall or a stall-to-score this early?

36:02 TCNJ GOAL Nataliccio with a nice spin dodge, but Cortland leads 11-5

34:11 COR FP and GOAL Carly Stone from the left hash; Cortland stakes itself to an 11-4 lead

33:54 TCNJ GOAL Amanda Muller rounds her defender and skips it into the cage, Red Dragons still lead 10-4

32:50 COR GOAL Gentile spins, scores; Cortland leads 10-3

32:27 COR FP and GOAL Monahan hits from top dead center and Cortland leads 9-3

31:00 COR FP Gentile misses the shot cage with the shot

30:00 The second half is under way; Cortland wins another draw

HALFTIME I think the TCNJ coaching staff is going to have to make some tactical changes in order to win this game

HALFTIME The Lions have dug pretty deep in order to try to slow down this race-horse attack, breaking the ride with a deputy, putting in a goalie that has played less than a half-hour this season, and running a backer zone, but Cortland has sprung players in the center of the fan the entire first half

HALFTIME The history of TCNJ’s women’s lacrosse and field hockey programs under Sharon Pfluger has centered on her ability to attract Division I talent to play for Division III championships. Cortland has a handful of outstanding Division I-caliber players, including Gentile, Monahan, Elmer, and Ohberg, and they have played an extraordinary half of lacrosse

HALFTIME With a key Beshlian save at the horn, Cortland takes an 8-3 halftime lead

29:41 The stick is good, the goal is upheld, and we’re back to the draw

29:41 The Lions are requesting a stick check, and the umpires are bringing over the stick to the table, and are, like in some Division I games, checking them against the printed specifications to see if there are any unapproved modifications

29:41 COR FP and GOAL Gentile bounces it from the left-center hash; it is her fourth of the match and the Red Dragons are in control with an 8-3 advantage

28:20 Elmer is snuffed out by Chrone!

27:48 COR GOAL Gentile finds Bello on the top of the fan, who finds the top of the cage, and Cortland leads 7-3

26:01 TIMEOUT CORTLAND The Lions have tried to slow down Cortland by using Morrison as a one-woman ridebreaker, giving her the ball behind the cage, letting her draw a chaser, then running up the field. It’s a risk, but it has worked as a surprise tactic

22:38 TCNJ GOAL Nataliccio beats her mark in from the left side; Cortland leads 6-3

20:39 TCNJ FP and GOAL Elizabeth Morrison from the center-right hash, but Cortland maintains a 6-2 lead

20:30 TCNJ wins its first draw of the afternoon

20:25 COR GOAL Gentile cuts into the fan, spins, and scores; Dragons lead 6-1

19:00 COR FP Monahan from the center-left hash is saved by Chrone

17:20 Nataliccio with a long shot that is gobbled up by Cortland goalie Jaclyn Beshlian; TCNJ’s offensive leader has been snakebitten thus far

16:01 COR FP Elmer’s lo-to-hi shot is snared by the stick of Chrone

14:03 TCNJ Nataliccio slaloms and pegs the goalie with the shot from four yards

13:01 TCNJ FP Nataliccio’s shot misses the cage; better possession from the Lions here

10:43 TIMEOUT TCNJ Cortland is playing its game thus far, winning the draws and playing racehorse lacrosse; the visiting Lions are shooting themselves in the foot with some mental errors and not the best shot or pass selection. Elmer, Monahan, and Gentile have been splendid thus far

10:43 COR GOAL Ohberg, on the dead run, finishes the resulting fast break, and makes the Lions pay for that mental mistake; Cortland up 5-1

10:30 TCNJ’s Waller overthrows a teammate in the attack end, and a TCNJ defensive winger commits an egregious offside in order to try to secure possession; instead of trying to outjoust the Cortland attack wing at the 35, she runs at least two yards over the line. What is usually a minor foul is being assessed a major foul; the restart for Cortland is going to have that four-meter advantage

8:30 COR FP Monahan is checked, tries to improvise a cross-body shot, but loses possession

8:20 COR FP Nicole Bello with a shot from top dead center, but misses the cage

7:56 COR GOAL Ohberg finds Monahan for a simple shot inside the heart of the fan; that’s four straight goals and a 4-1 lead for Cortland

6:33 COR FP Ohberg with the dumpdown to Elmer, who missed the cage

4:44 COR GOAL Gentile finishes another Elmer quickstick from in close; Cortland takes a 3-1 lead

4:14 COR GOAL Hannah Elmer finds Gentile wide open in the heart of the fan for the quickstick; Cortland leads 2-1

3:43 COR GOAL Monahan splits two defenders with the face dodge from the left elbow and shoots high; game tied 1-1

3:10 TCNJ FP and GOAL Natalaccio with the bounce shot from the right hash; Lions lead 1-0

2:23 TCNJ FP Amanda Muller opts to pull out from the extreme left hash and works it to Natalaccio

0:30 Gentile wins the draw, but a rushed shot is errant; ball bounces into the stick of TCNJ goalie Miranda Chrone

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Cortland is in the all white with red numbers and black trim, while TCNJ is in the navy with old gold and white numbers and trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the Red Field with the large stadium turf, with temperatures around 46 degrees with clear skies

PREGAME The College of New Jersey leads the series between these two sides, 21-6 with no draws. In the 40-year history of Cortland lacrosse, this is the most lopsided rivalry in their opponent’s favor. However, the Red Dragons have not lost a home match in their last 68 outings. Something has to give

PREGAME The College of New Jersey is in a place in which they have rarely been. The dominant team of the 1990s, featuring a 102-game winning streak, the Lions last won the Division III title in 2006. They are led by Cortney Natalaccio (20 goals) and Erin Waller (13). But the defensive effort is led by Elizabeth Morrison, who has caused 24 turnovers and only committed two, an almost supernatural ratio

PREGAME The Cortland Red Dragons have the burden of trying to repeat as NCAA champions, knowing that they may have caught a couple of breaks last year during the tournament, only playing one close game on the way to the national title. Cortland will be led by attackers Kristen Ohberg (20 goals) and Tara Monaghan (19 goals). Midfielder Ashley Gentile (19 goals) has also earned 40 draw controls

PREGAME As this is a Top 5 matchup, this could very well be a preview of the Final Four at Tahlen Energy Field at Chester, Pa.

PREGAME TCNJ, the 12-time Division III champions, are 7-0 this season and hold the No. 4 ranking in the IWLCA poll. The Lions, having beaten Messiah and Ursinus this week, have been doing it with defense. TCNJ has held five opponents to three goals or fewer this year

PREGAME Cortland, the defending NCAA champions, are 6-0 on the season and were ranked No. 1 in the most recent IWLCA poll. The Red Dragons are coming off a 21-12 win over Nazareth. Cortland has done it with offense thus far, scoring at least 15 goals in every match this season

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to The Stadium Complex on the campus of the State University of New York at Cortland for this Division III women’s lacrosse match between The College of New Jersey and the host Red Dragons


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